Sunday, 23 December 2007

2006 December 16th


OH eck!

Saw my little mate on the big screen on Thursday night, if that's just a harmless polyp I'm the Queen. Surgeon told me to "enjoy christmas with your family and we'll talk in the new year".

Lost my composure after he'd gone and blubbed on the nurse. I told her I know what it is, or I'm pretty sure. But that if it's cancer, bowel cancer is at least very curable.

I expected her to say, "well I know you may think that but until the biopsy results come back we won't know". She didn't, she said they can do a lot these days. I asked for some advice on coping with diarrhoea, which she gave me. Also told me to enjoy christmas and concentrate on that and take it easy, work and money aren't that important, though she knows I have to make more since I'm on my own. She was lovely. Everyone else got tea and biccies but as I'd been nil by mouth since breakfast and was a bit wobbly I got toast and jam!!

I now appear to be constipated, great! Since the enema on Thursday I've not been

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