Tuesday, 17 March 2009

2009 March 17th - Jumping For Joy

YAY! It's official - I'm barking.

Checkout my little widget gadget wotsit top right hand corner! I've signed up to do a parachute jump in May in aid of Beating Bowel Cancer. If you've got any spare cash after Comic Relief then I'll happily relieve you of it.

Things are definitely improving due to a combination of things. Partly it's the weather, the lighter evenings and SAD affecting me less, mostly it's anniversaries and festivities out of the way which, I'm sorry, just do NOTHING for my seratonin levels. I also had to have "a few stern words" with myself on more than one occasion and finally I think I listened. So did friends, luckily and even better I've been out and about partaking of the odd medicinal bottle, I mean glass of wine.

There's a very very nice man about at the moment who I'm hoping will stay around because he's also making me rather happy at the moment (keep your fingers crossed for me please).

I'm making more effort at the gym again after the rib incident and although I still get odd twinges I'm determined to get stronger and fitter (and hotter :o))

Work is getting even busier and I'm involved in a lot more projects just like before I was off sick but now wondering how I'm supposed to fit it all in, in 25 hours a week.

I hope everyone is making the most of the sunny days we've had lately


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