Wednesday, 23 March 2011

2011 23rd March - Izzy Is Now Legal!

Chemo didn't feel like it was so bad while I was having it last week.  I did have some company for my first infusions from an old friend who was coincidentally in the hospital which made the time pass very quickly.  I could barely keep my eyes open by the time she left.  I think they wanted my bed because I was discharged on Thursday.  Annoyingly they had my chemo disconnection down as 4pm despite my appointment being 2.30.

It's already feeling like it's taking longer to recover.  My son rang on Saturday to check I'd be fit to drive the next day so I could see him.  I wasn't confident when I said yes, but wanted to see him.  Bless him, he'd already said he could do some jobs for me and ended up cutting the grass and washing the car.  He may look like a man but he's still my little boy in there somewhere who wants his mum's hugs. His sister came on Monday and baked cakes then painted my nails with some nail art pens I bought but found I'm useless with.  I ended up with Pac Man and some ghosts :o)

I had quite a constructive week two weeks ago in my non poison week.  I put in a claim for ESA because my SSP runs out at the end of March so I'll be £79.15 a week worse off.  I can't yet bring myself to hand in my notice because it feels like giving up, yet with the only communication being two letters requesting permission to see my medical records how could I go back?

I finally booked Izzy in for her 11th year or 99,000 mile service - HOW MANY MILES?  She's not done 38,000 yet.  The service was due in December but given the fact that I've been housebound or in hospital most of the last 6 months I figured it could wait.  Unfortunately I realised I've had her nearly a year and not had an MOT was due mid January.  Oops!  Luckily the very friendly and accommodating service receptionist was quite happy to squeeze in an MOT as well at zero notice yesterday.  It meant leaving her all day. After walking round Boston trying go get timetables and hitting the pain threshold by the time I did - a taxi home seemed the only option.  There really is no bus that stops within 2 miles of my house. Before I came home I dropped into the council offices to let them know about my new claim.  I'm getting council tax credit because of the Income Support and you have to tell them everything.  The advisor was also really nice.  I heard her speaking to other people before my name was called and relieved she was very sympathetic and patient, not that I needed anything but it's still nice to know you're not about to see a dragon.

It was a beautiful day but I was very tired after the walking so it was just the sofa in the conservatory with the door open for me in the afternoon.  The garage rang to say Izzy had passed with no problems (well the headlamp aim needed adjusting - no big deal!) and there were no advisories and 5 - 5.5 tread left on the tyres.

Beckie took an early lunch today so she could take me to pick her up and the engine sounds so much better for the service.  I felt a bit guilty about having left it so long - I mean she did get me to France and back.

I've done nothing else today.  Too exhausted from a sleepless night due to Fatty working overtime - seems I ate something that didn't agree with me, lord knows what but I felt ill all night and had to keep emptying.  He's been barely visible all week but still working so no dramas with another admission at least.  Tomorrow is a busy day with a visit to the chemo suite for a line flush, urology appointment and my second counselling session.

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Deborah said...

Have finally caught up. I never like to catch up until I know I have time to focus on you.

I love your comments about the kids, they make me smile.

BB mojo