Tuesday, 17 May 2011

2011 - 17th May - Quick Update

I'm fine, just been drained from chemo and pain in my off weeks with leakage through fistula.  Spending the sunny days in the conservatory where I can't see the screen of the laptop but am on old comfy sofa with view of fields and the TV making more jewellery for the relaunch of the site I'm selling through.  Will update later, had last chemo for a while last week.  I need to have good bloods for my op - more on that later and a scan - which regardless of which I may have made my mind up to give up on chemo for the time being.

Thanks for being concerned, when you're only "well" for 3 of the days in between the hospital inpatient weeks, time goes so fast.

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Carole said...

Good to hear from you Lisa, have been checking your blog like an obsessed person :-)

Rest hun and try to recover as much as possible, especially before the op.

Huge hugs and luv xxxx