Tuesday, 2 August 2011

2011 - 2nd August Pretty Things

I'm often taking photos of things, mostly they get deleted - here are a few I've taken lately that make me feel glad to be here:

Mr Bee needed a sugar rush

My view from the conservatory and the decking at the back

Speckled Wood butterfly - had to google this one

The first Peacock butterfly I've seen in years

One of many Red Admirals to keep me company this summer.

I've even been logging my sightings the last few days on the http://www.bigbutterflycount.org/ which I found when I was looking up the Speckled Wood.  I've got a phone app to identify birds because I'm ashamed to say I wasn't too sure about some of the common bird names - at least I know a wren from a sparrow now!
You might think it's a bit late to be going back to school over basic things but if I see something I at least want to know what it's called - and really every day should be a school day or our brains will seize up.

I'd include photos of my kids but they won't let me.


Tony Songhurst said...

Good to see you are keeping going, sometimes it is hard to look at 'normal' stuff but you show me the way to do just that!


T xx

Debby said...

Just wanted you to know that I've been thinking of you this day, wishing you lots of 'pretty things'.