Friday, 11 November 2011

2011 11th November - 1 Month Post Ops

I'm awake because I kept dozing off in front of tv on one of my new comfy sofas. This in itself is a novelty. Last Friday I had to sort out my remortgage as my fixed rate is ending soon. Whilst in town I went into a couple of shops and bought a few essentials from Boots and something new to wear, nothing special but it felt "normal". I was only able to do this because I had my "pimp" stick. By the time I'd got back to the car, after a stop off for iced tea in Nero (where the barista saw my stick, invited me to sit down and served me in turn at my table), I was worn out. Not surprising really, being my first real attempt at walking in 3.5 weeks. It was that good tired though, from having achieved something.

One thing that worried me greatly when I was driving was my vision - I still couldn't see properly. I couldn't see what I was signing in the building society, or the read receipts from shops. Everything was still blurry, like the tv, even with my glasses on. I made an appointment for Monday with VisionExpress so I could get new glasses ASAP.

Friday night my son brought one of his best friends in for coffee before going out, to return "later" to stay. This is the first friend he's brought home since he was little when they were delivered by parents. He came in first to check it was Ok. He may have worried I'd be in my PJs but luckily I was dressed and wearing makeup looking quite presentable. I was secretly really pleased, not just that he wasn't embarrassed by me but that he was considerate enough to come in alone first to check.

Deb arrived on Saturday and I was feeling a bit rough after the walking. Copious amounts of YT were on tap as ever, as was food and fireworks when Karys arrived! I sat on a chair pointing with my pimpstick, wrapped in a blanket. My back was really starting to hurt the more the day went on and I realised I'd overdone it big time the day before. If Deb hadn't been there I don't know what I'd have done, I had to sit still to try and rest, relax and not hurt anything else by over compensating. It's a good job we both like the same TV on Saturday nights and Internet sofa clothes shopping to keep us busy. I was caught out by odd spasms and cried out loud a few times. I was worried if slipped a disc but my district nurse wasn't too worried when I saw her the day before my adventure back out into the world. It was the same pain I had in hospital but getting worse. By Monday I was crying unable to move, answer the phone or sob pathetically the way I wanted to. Tuesday seemed a little better and Maurice said he and Sue would come over. I had a shower mid morning, sitting on the bath seat. The whole task of washing, drying and dressing slowly was utterly draining ss it always is after surgery or chemo but i also got 4 hours of extra pain for my trouble :-( When Maurice checked to see if there was anything i needed I asked if they could bring some ibuprofen. Having tried to do pose of a child (yoga pose) on my bed after my shower, I was now convinced I had damaged muscles and/or ligaments with all the violent vomiting, rushing to sitting from lying to prevent choking.

Within an hour I noticed a difference. At last the right relief, despite the other strong painkillers I'm on, anti inflammatories were what I needed.

Also that morning I realised my vision was back! I could read words on the screen clearly with my glasses.

My hearing is almost back to normal. Sometimes I have to put my head down to make sound come back to my right ear instantly. I get earache in my left if I lean on that side too much which travels across my jawline. If my head starts to feel a bit groggy in the evening I just lie on the sofa.

It's going to take longer for my back pain to be sorted, but I hope it will. A whole month of extra debilitating symptoms just from a slip of a needle for an epidural I never enjoyed the benefit of. (I know it's untrue, but) that could only happen to me couldn't it!

Forgive any typos please it's nearly 5am x


Tony Songhurst said...

Hi Lisa,

So pleased you got an episode of Good tired, that is lovely isn't it and on par with waking up and jumping up because you are late for work only to find out it is the weekend :-)

You have a really nice sounding lad and one that cares for your feelings etc.

As for the pain that has been caused, have you thought of claims direct etc...I guess there are agencies specifically for medical claims - saying that I totally understand why you wouldn't want to sue as you may have to go to that hospital again and isn't that also where your consultants are too??

I am into my 5th week without chemo and started to feel a bit better...(normally every 3 weeks) due to the side effects I was experiencing on the Irene, I opted for a bit of a break...we will decide when I will return in a couple of weeks when I have my CT scan and results. Also I have not managed any green juice for the last couple of months as 1 couldn't be bothered to make it and b) I probably would have puked If I had made it...maybe try some in a couple of weeks!

By the way, how are you managing on food etc...what are you managing to eat.

Speak soon

T x

Loopy said...

Suing for an accident that was a known (albeit 0.5%) risk after I've signed a consent form and had successful epidurals before? Absolutely not.

Sounds like you're understanding where I was a year ago with not being able to face green juice.

I don't eat enough, I'm not eating a particularly healthy diet, I'm still eating mostly vegan plus chicken and fish occasionally. I'm still not properly mobile so buying and preparing food when I never feel hungry will never be top of my list.

Tony Songhurst said...

I mainly eat tins of lentil and bacon soup or pea and ham...

I see an acupuncturist who is tryin to get me to eat nice wholesome healthy food inbetween chemos as she said I would feel better...If all I fancy is a bag of chips then that is what I will eat...

Debby said...

I am glad for your day out, even though it sounds as if you paid quite a price for that ordinary day.

Hope you're feeling better now, and I hope for more ordinary day for you. Without the pay-back, of course.

Loopy said...

It took weeks but I think I can cope with the pain that won't seem to shift - its not as bad as the pelvic pain obviously. My oldest friend came for a few days last week - although I was uncomfortable and vomited after so long in a car we did get to visit the place I've now chosen to be buried. Fresh air was good.