Sunday, 16 March 2008

2008 - 16th March - What is the Point?

Over the weekend I had a really painful area between my midline scar and the stoma scar, there is a hard long lump which is under the bruising which is still showing and I was worried I'd got a hernia. Today, thankfully the pain seems to be almost gone. It was so bad it hurt to move in bed. On top of the regular pains inside around the join and my bottom, there's been very little sleep in my bedroom. Most nights I've been awake til 3 or 4am, or got up in the middle of the night after being unable to sleep with the pains. Last night I had the pleasure of hard rain hammering on my bedroom window to really make sure I'm knackered today.


Ed said...



Where to start? It's worth it to fight through all of this, if only to be able to see your kids realize that parents are human, that they have troubles, and that love matters. I am so sorry for the heaps of pain that you are going through, and I have no analogue to share, other than the butt cancer. And my neuropathy, my recovery pain, my everything does not seem as relevant in contrast with yours.

So, know that I am thinking of you (wherever you are) from a small town in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, USA. You can do this.

Pobby said...

The point is that there are people who love you and need you. You have to get through this for yourself AND for us. I just wish there was more I could do. And if I'm not thoughtful enough to do something off my own back, give me a thick ear. xxx

suze said...

keep on truckin' babe -- you're a STAR



Anonymous said...

Right've asked for it. I'm going to have to tell you my "terrible joke of the weeeeeekk"

*to be sung in Harry Hill stylie"

Q: there are 2 cows in a field. which one is on holiday?

A: the one with the wee calf...


love, Ms Faerie Cakes xxx