Friday, 22 January 2010

2010 Jan 22nd - Someone doesn't like me much do they?

Well, I'm guessing my recent anonymous poster is someone I know?

I have a shortlist of who I think it is based on the poor spelling and grammar. Whoever it is must be:

Of low intelligence - it's "you're", "mum", "doesn't", "you", "about", "whinging" and "fucking". If you want to abbreviate Facebook then I'll let that one go. I can't be bothered to correct your sentence construction.

Incorrect - husbands leave wives (or their girlfriends shag their mate's ex husband when they're mid reconciliation and then leave their own live in boyfriend of 10 years). My daughter didn't leave me, she moved house. She moved because the travelling and lack of sufficient sleep was making us both crabby and she's much happier back in the town where most of her friends are and being 13 miles closer to college. We just spent a lovely day together on Sunday which, presumably you would know since you are such an authority on my life.

Cowardly - maybe if you were honest about who you are I might do you the courtesy of refusing any future treatment or topping myself this weekend, lets just hope if your attempt at bullying does tip me over the edge, your IP address isn't recorded by Google. It's not big and it's not clever is it?

Misinformed - surely the only person who knows how I feel about my children, is in fact, me? How you perceive what your tiny brain seems to have put together is entirely your opinion, but still wrong. My son doesn't care about me, I still contact him in vain to let him know how I feel - unless someone is intercepting his post then he is aware of this. He chose to stop contact with me whilst I was just out of hospital and still suffering from withdrawl symptoms of some serious drugs that you are told NOT to suddenly cease due to the dangerous and unpleasant withdrawl syptoms. I don't know exactly why he reached his limit of watching me being ill and suffering for over two years at that point, but it might have something to do with his father making up lies about why we split up a decade before - I still don't understand why anyone with their kids' best interests would deliberately bad mouth someone still recovering from cancer, much less deliberately alienate children from their mother when she's at her lowest point. Hey ho, that's probably why I left him.

Deluded - do you really think that I'm going to stop writing my blog because you don't like it? How exactly would you like me to drop dead, shall I shoot myself, or perhaps you'd like to do that? There are few ways to "drop" dead and usually it's from sudden things that cannot be brought about on purpose. Do feel free to enlighten me.

Creative - given the security settings on my Facebook profile I know that you can't know what I'm writing on there unless you're on my friend list. But since you hate me so much, you wouldn't have me on your friend list would you?

Unlucky - unless my latest scan shows I've got more cancer instead of a urethral stricture then I don't think I'm going to be dying soon.

Bitter? Maybe you should think about why you felt the need to post that comment, which I decided to publish since I'm feeling pretty good right now and it's always nice to get a different perspective on things. Is there something really wrong in your own life that you have to have a go at me? Or do you actually want to talk to me, but are still too angry to do it in a grown up way? Whatever, I hope you aren't causing yourself an ulcer with all this hate, hate eats you up inside worse than any cancer. Why don't you just spend time with people who like you and stop reading things you don't like, it's a bit like turning the TV over if you don't like a programme.

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