Thursday, 7 January 2010

2010 Jan 7th - PS

I forgot to mention, the relationship thing - didn't work out. No surprise there really, I'm rubbish at relationships. Maybe I'm being hard on myself - he just wasn't "the one" for me. I gave it three months but my feelings waned and it was clear we both felt differently. It's unusual for me to the be one ending things, but the recent death of a friend's father (terminally ill with prostate cancer spread to his bones) made me have a rethink. I can't spend my time with someone I don't really care about that much - however "nice" he is. I certainly won't be with someone just for the sake of it or to ease the loneliness. I'm happy just appreciating what I have which is a very simple, uneventful but reasonable existance in what is essentially good health.


Anonymous said...

Your daughter leaves you, your a shit Mam who dont give a shit bout your son either. Both better off without ya.
Do us all a favour stop winging on here and fbook and just fuckin drop dead!

Hayley said...

Those of us that really know Lisa can only boggle at your motives for posting such a vitriolic comment. An anonymous posting like this is so pathetic, why not try for a bit of courage (Lisa has pot loads of it) and tell us who you are and your reasons for posting.

Anonymous said...

Would love to know who wrote this, and I hope you still have the account details so your email address notifies you of my comment. You are obviously someone who talks to me quite a lot so if I find out who you are, stay out of my life. And don't bother saying you were looking out for me. I do not appreciate anyone who has attempted to mess up my relationship with my Mum. Karys.