Thursday, 9 February 2012

To all friends and family

Sadly, Mum passed away last night. She was at peace and we were with her. Thank you all for supporting her,

Karys & Phoenix


Lady D said...

all my BB love x

Anonymous said...

You Mum was such an inspiration, and so brave. Her passing will affect many people, I've shed a few tears for her today and admire her bravery and courage. Can't think of any other words to say other than love to you both xxx


Fiona said...

Dear Karys and Phoenix

Thank you for letting us know. Your Mum was so very proud of you both. When the time is right and you feel able to read her blog you will see she mentions you both often.
I hope the funeral will not be too painful for you. Draw comfort in knowing that she prepared it herself and it will be just how she wanted it to be.

Best wishes to you both

Tony Songhurst said...

Karys and Phoenix and all friends and family...This lady was a legend and even though we never met face to face I counted her as one of my dear friends who has helped and continues to help me through my own battle with cancer.

At peace and without pain.

Much Love

Tony xxxx

Anonymous said...

Feel such sadness. Your mom was an amazing woman. So glad she was able to be at home. Thanks for letting us all know. Violet

Keith Hehir Lynch said...

So Sorry For your loss of a wonderfully funny lady, we both met on twitter and got on well as we both had bowel cancer. I am so upset I wish I could say more god bless Keith @mr_taxi_man

Debby said...

I am glad that your mum had this blog. You'll always have a place to come to 'listen' to her once again. She was a brave woman, and her love for you shined clearly through the words she wrote.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say how sorry I was to read that your Mum has finally passed away.
At least now she is out of pain and worry, though of course you still have all that to bear.
I guess you don't need a stranger to tell you what a special lady she was, but there you go....she was!!!
She will be greatly missed by many.
I'll raise a glass to her on the 23rd.
All the best.

suze said...

This is the last message I wrote to Lisa, and it makes me sad to think she might never have seen it in last last few days .. So I have copied it here to share it with the rest of you ... now that we know she is dead, and if she read this, then it was our last goodbye

I have recently read (the anti-cancer guru) Dr Shervan-Schreiber's book about the last stages of his life. It is called the Not the Last Goodbye .. and he reflects on this business of saying goodbye to terminally ill people and knowing each time that it might be the last one.

And for as long as possible it may NOT the last one, but we can sometimes say goodbye as though it IS the last one, just to make sure we say the things we need to say. We never know when the really last one will be, and that is fine ... it is fine just to keep saying our last goodbyes ..

I hope this is not our last goodbye, Lisa, but just in case it turns out that way, I am coming to tell you that I will miss you. I have valued your inter-net friendship and enjoyed your writing very much. Thank-you.

Your voice comes across clear and spirited, always so full of wit and wisdom. You model a way of living with cancer that motivates and inspires many of us, and I am grateful to you for that. Your blog will go on after you and continue to do that for strangers you will never know.

I only know of your personal life that which you choose to write about, and it is a fascinating read, for sure. I am especially glad when I read of you making your peace with people and being so proud of your kids, because that must bring peace to your heart.

I hope you pass away with peace in your heart. You are so young it must be very hard to let go of the anger ... very hard indeed.

There is a deep sadness (that you know yourself ) when people on the same cancer train are taken by it. You and I started out on this at about the same time and it is so unfathomable how it can go differently for a while. I am doing pretty good just now, but the damned thing is there and waiting for us both .. It is so much closer to you now, and that chills me and angers me, but I will not lay that out for you in detail, there is no point now. Reading your experiences will certainly help me when my turn comes.

All I can say is that I have struggled to find the words for this, and I hope I have not offended you in some way .. it is hard to know what might seem wrong in these uncharted waters .. it is all well-meant, though, and I wanted you to know that I will miss you and grieve for you.

With deep regard and kindest thoughts for you, Lisa.

Love Susan xxxxx

ps it would make you laugh, I am sure to know that my word verification is asenretr!

HelĂȘn Thomas said...

Karys and Phoenix,

I'd just like to send condolences and best wishes to you and yours at this sad time. I only knew Lisa briefly online - it's strange glimpsing another person's life like this. It's good to read that she was peaceful and had you with her.

Very best wishes,


P.S. I also think the captcha generator is up to mischief on here.I have 'chemical zilabout'.