Friday, 15 February 2008

2008 Feb 11th - Pre op checks

I had my pre-op check appointment at 11.30 on Monday this week. Luckily I managed to drag myself out of bed early enough to get there on time, always a bonus. I did forget to take in a urine sample though, but that's because I forgot to get a sample bottle.

The nurse called me through and we went through the questions I'd answered on the admission form, basically to check I'm not asthmatic, have heart problems or anything that might cause issues with anaesthetic or other drugs as I did back in June. I'd listed all the drugs I'm currently taking (four at last count) and the doses. After the paperwork was done and I'd answered the comedy questions "Are you seeing your GP about any serious illnesses at the moment" - "Na, just anything cancer related - that's all I've ever seen him about".

I was weighed and my height measured. I've got my centimetre back!! I'm back to 5'10 again and 178cm. I'm guessing that's because I don't have back pain and am not as exhausted as I've been when I've been measured before.

While we were chatting about my side effects that I'm still stuck with, the nurse seemed a little surprised by my matter of fact attitude, she asked how I cope? She thought I was very brave. But I didn't set out to get cancer, I didn't choose to deal with it so how can I be brave? What option do I have but to just get on with it? I'm guessing most people she sees with cancer are older and dare I say more negative or better at moaning about their lot. Most likely because they have other health issues and were hoping to have some free healthy time to enjoy their retirement. She actually had to grab a tissue and grab her eyes, so I apologised for upsetting her (!) which didn't help.... I suppose I'm so used to all this now and I know from bitter experience that the more you repeat the details about something distressing, the less emotional you become when retelling it.

That's why I like writing these blogs because my initial emotions are captured and people don't get the wrong idea about how bad or good things are.....well some do but I can't have everything can I?

I managed to produce a sample of wee which showed signs of infection (bloody marvelous) and then it was time to take more blood. As if I haven't had enough blood tests lately. As my latest PICC scar is still a good half centimetre across and red I suggested my poor left arm where I can pretty much see most of my other test scars, tiny pits. First attempt - it hurt a bit and not a lot happened............same arm, different vein, much fist making and arm tapping to encourage my shy vein - no blood. Not enough to test anyway and she needed a few tubes filling. I got a bit queasy at this point - it was 1.30pm and I was thirsty and hungry and poking in my arm isn't the best thing in that state. My blood pressure had shown it was still on the low side so I had a bit of a lie down on the bed and a glass of water while a different nurse came in and opted for the first PICC vein on my right arm which bled like a stuck pig. At last! After a cup of tea and another reminder of what would happen, or at least what we hope will happen next Friday I went home to see if my parcel had arrived.

NO parcel.

I doubled checked the UPS site, but it still only said that it had arrived at Nottingham UPS in the morning. A van went past and I ran out the front wasn't my delivery.

A little later a UPS van drove by........again I ran out of the front door. About five minutes later they came back - I was right there, the driver didn't need to get out of the vehicle!

My ipod Touch 32GB had arrived to replace my 40GB ancient brick of a 3rd generation ipod photo. Bless it, it has done me proud for a good few years since I got it one bountiful Christmas but having played with the iPhone in a local shop.....I'm afraid I was sold.

I've been sending emails, surfing the net, playing games, all whilst listening to music. It's got google earth maps on it and I can plan routes and get directions and EVERYTHING. It's bloody gorgeous. I don't even have to worry about the expense because I'm getting a teeny windfall next month so it's covered. The children will still be fed.

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