Friday, 15 February 2008

2008 Feb 14th - Valentine's Day - Scan Results

Oo well there I was having had five hours kip and Parcel Force were knocking at the door. Karys went to get it because she looks better than me in the morning. She said it was a box and probably had flowers in it.

Hmm. Odd. I thought maybe it was because I'm getting my scan results today someone has sent them.......nope. Turns out it was a dozen pink roses, some chocolates AND a bottle of champagne. Confused? Certainly. There's not even any point in me being curious because hardly anyone has my new address. Not to mention I don't know anyone who'd spend that much money on me especially to get nothing in return since I don't know who sent them. Still they all went down very well and were much appreciated though a little premature. Not knowing my results I wasn't ready to celebrate yet.

Umpalumpa drove us to the hospital and by some fluke we got a disabled spot near the entrance so I didn't have to hobble so far (note how I can run the five feet to the front door when I think my ipod is about to arrive but that's about it). Clinic was running a bit late so I didn't get seen until an hour after my appointment time. It was the big man himself, Dr Tom. He thought I was just there for a check up until I said I was after my results. We had a look at the images and he pointed out some streaky bits on my liver. The report (not their usual radiographer) mentioned "suspicious" areas on my liver.


Still Dr Tom says if he were betting on it he thinks they're just changes due to chemo and not actually cancer deposits and he's seen enough to know but I'll need an ultrasound scan to be sure.

If the ultrasound comes back clear then I still get rid of the little monster that is PTW. He's developed a hole which means output leaks right at the base of the stoma and damaged the adhesive seal so I pretty much have a leak every time I go to the gym, go shopping, drive etc.

Dr Tom rang me this morning (Friday) to say he was trying to get my scan booked for Monday morning so they can review the results on Monday afternoon at the MDT meeting. I'll be seeing my surgeon on Tuesday anyway so the latest I'll hear about anything is Tuesday.

I still downed half the champagne - Pob came round since we're both single and had no dates so he drank the other half. We started with kebabs and beer......and finished with Baileys coffee!

We toasted the fact that I might NOT have metastases on my liver.

Keep em crossed for me eh?


Tina said...

Hello Lise, its me, Tina, your cyber stalker. I'm exceedingly interested to hear the results on Tuesday but lets face it luv, first I wanna know who sent the flowers and stuff?

Loopyloobyloo said...

YOU wanna know? I'm climbing the walls and searching for suitable private investigators....I just don't think I can crack this on my own!

suze said...

loopy - I love you


but it wasnt me who sent the parcel!

Fingers absolutely knitted up for you and your scan results