Wednesday, 15 September 2010

2010 - 15th September - Nuclear Emergency!

The nice St Barnabas Hospice lady is submitting my claim for DLA (Disability Living Allowance) and a blue badge (my last one for 3 years just expired at the end of August, I threw the renewal letter away refusing to accept I might need one again).  "But I can walk OK - it was only when I couldn't walk with the chemo that I applied before" - this is for a year, no photo required - anyone with stage 4 cancer is assumed to have days where they will be too ill or too tired to walk far so on those grounds, I'll get one automatically.  I had to have a giggle at people's faces when I climb out of my sports car in heels after taking the last disabled spot!

She is looking a bit dusty but wet at the moment.  I've only had 10 days of pain relief so she's not been so well looked after of late.  Must sort that out!

Also, the hospital rang me a few times today - specifically the Nuclear Medicine Dept.  I'd arranged to go with Lisa so we could do some window shopping or proper shopping... in between the jab and the scan.

First call: "We may not be able to do all our scans today, we have some technical issues, will ring back"

Second call: "We have to cancel your scan, but are trying to get you in at Grantham or Lincoln, or get some isotopes from them".

Third call: (hello poor secretary lady, you're having fun today aren't you?) "Can you come for a scan tomorrow?"

Yes, yes I can because everyone is assuming I'll be having chemo soon, so I'm playing the "I'd rather have a scan when I'm not in treatment in case that influences the treatment" card.  Plus I would rather know what I'm dealing with in totality, although round here complete body scans/PET scans seem to be out of the question, they like to just react to symptoms, then check the cause rather than approach it holistically from the outset.  They usually do scan all the bones though, maybe that's cheaper?

Oh, apparently a cabinet fell apart - the isotopes were declared unsafe by some nuclear inspector blokey or something in case the injections were contaminated.  As if a world shortage of the stuff isn't enough to deal with.  Bad times.

Its inconvenient, only because I'd arranged to go with a friend, who'd rearranged her entire day around it - but turns out tomorrow will be a bit easier to rearrange so probably for the best.  Plus I spent most of the afternoon asleep in the conservatory reading my book in the waking moments.  Clearly needed!

I have done NO sewing this week as I planned, so I'm off to repair a top with a split the seam right now!

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