Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I'm feeling lazy this week, possibly because I feel a bit run down, sore throat etc.  I know why, I haven't eaten so well this weekend (missed meals), my sleep has been all over the place so I'm upping the juices today to even things out.


The link above is a brief vlog about pH - easier to digest visually I think?

I see my MacMillan nurse tomorrow, bit daunting.  Dr Tom the onco on Friday - oh what fun.  Next week it's Urology appointment "how can we fix this properly this time without actually giving you an infection again when you're on chemo".  Looking forward to that conversation.


Carole said...

Hi Lisa,

How are you? Sore throat develop into anything nasty or has it cleared now?

Thinking about you and noticing your absence.

Carole xxx

Loopy said...

Not had the best week emotionally, will attempt to catch up today!

Sore throat remained as that - either I was dehydrated (happens more since had some water absorbing colon removed)or my uber immune boosting food/supplement intake is working.

Thanks for noticing xx

Tony Songhurst said...

How goes it Lisa,

Just checking in and am in love with Kris on the link or so my wife thinks! She is cool and sounds so upbeat!

Lets have an update as want to see the latest chapter :-)

All the best

T x