Thursday, 12 January 2012

2012 12th January - Quick Update

So the equipment is all in at home, care package and funding agreed, red cross have my contact details to arrange a bit of extra support for up to 12 weeks. The paperwork to arrange payment of the care package can't be done until Monday. After Christmas and New Year holidays it's to be expected. I don't mind spending another weekend here but am excited to just be strong enough, out of pain, happy enough to go home on Monday.

My mobility is poor which has been the biggest issue. I need a wheeled walker (not zimmer, its stick height with 3 (for home) or 4 wheels). The worry was I'd not manage the stairs which I'd been finding hard on admission purely due to pain, not wanting to move, getting weaker. I surprised myself and Matthew the physio by doing just fine. I came up without needing to stop, going down was the hardest so I'll have to make sure I've got everything for the morning then come down when the care arrives.  I did the same number of stairs as in most houses.

That's about all for now I think.


Carole said...


I'm so happy to read this blog from you. You sound so much better than before you went into the hospice and this comes across in your recent posts.

I only wish we lived closer to you as I have a spare army of helpers who would dive in and do things for you - but being so far away I feel useless at times. The only thing I can do is let you know that I do care and do think about you daily hun

Much luv and gentle hugs xxXXxx

Loopy said...

And I feel happy Carole! For do long I wasn't unhappy in that I saw my kids and friends when distance allowed. I was just struggling. Asking to come here the week before I was sent the next week due to needing radiation and progress of disease and pain, that was the hardest part of my independence to give up. Even worse than a lifelong driving ban of my lovely Izzy. Accepting help from your army might actually be something I could do now. I'm becoming less stubborn for my own good!

It's not for you to feel useless, you're used to being with people, I'm used to being alone so my situation may seem
worse to you than my reality. In any case woman you need to get yourself sorted not fret about others!

Tony Songhurst said...

Hey Lisa,

So glad you have the pain under control and that you are going home!

Is there any way you can get someone to take you out in Izzy or would that be impossible for you to get in and sit in that position?

Look forward to your post when you are home.

Much Love and a great big bear hug from me (soft bear hug at least!)

Tony xx

Loopy said...

I really couldn't bear to be a passenger in Izzy, only once did I allow a very good friend to drive her, he'd been an incredible support when first diagnosed and was very much a reward and "don't tell anyone else. She's an extension of me and oddly the driving position (almost semi reclined, legs extended) meant I could drive in relative comfort. Other cars I have to recline so far back I think it renders the seatbelt useless!

I would have let my daughter drive for practice only if it weren't for having to hand my license back. Though yesterday after looking at a few sheds she found a black Clio (I think) on her birthday which made her day.

She will be sold in spring for the kids estate, another year of mortgage payments with any luck, or ady least a big chunk.