Monday, 16 January 2012

2012 16th January - By Contrast to the Carer

After the carer had left last night Sue, Maurice's wife, came with my shopping,  another basket of laundry and some flowers . I think she's done 3 loads, at least one of them more than once to get our the musty smell - Phoenix did washing, which was fantastic, but left it in the basket for best part of the week. I've had an appreciative but informative chat on that one, bless him. He did dry the first load of bedding and even put it on his sister's bed, plus dried his own washing.
Anyway, Sue had already tidied and cleaned the whole house pretty much, ironed all my laundry!, fresh bedding for me to come home to. She took my second walker upstairs, fetched a parcel from outside and was generally up and down a lot before finally sitting down. It was so nice to be sitting on my sofa chatting, not from a bed. Plus I was dressed. Between them I've not needed or wanted for anything. I've been able to see my kids, make their memory boxes, had a maccies breakfast wrap, all sorts! My house is in a much better state than I left it and my teenage son made it. Imagine turning 17 and having a whole house to yourself, he had a mate and girlfriend round but no parties. Said his friends can't get there, I said good job house is in the sticks :-)
Maurice and Sue live in similarly rural area, though more populated place which is fortunately quite close, enough to visit and look after me.
I've got quite a few visits, both medical and personal this week to fill the gap of the hospice team. I'll probably write it in diary format from today.
Should be sleeping but still have hospice body clock.


Tony Songhurst said...

So pleased you are home and to a nice clean home, lovely sofas and fresh bed. Maccies wraps are so bad yet so so good...I have one now and again and the fact it is in a wrap somehow makes it sound healthier than it actually be honest in our current status' what the heck!

Once again glad you are back home, looking forward to your diary!

Much Love


Maurice said...

Whether we were local or miles away we would still be looking after you. People like you are one in a million. It is an honour to call you a friend and always a delight to be in your company You are and always will be special to our

Unknown said...

I have heard a lot about Maurice and Sue and I think that they are lovely :)


Loopy said...

They are Deb, they are. As are you!