Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Lisa Claire ALMOND

Lisa was born on 28th October 1970 to Bryan and Dorothy Hemm at Kings Mill Hospital, Sutton-in-Ashfield. Dorothy and Lisa moved to Lincolnshire in 1974. Having attended Westlode Primary school in Spalding, Lisa passed her 11+ and continued her education at Spalding High School from 1982-1987, achieving 10 O’levels and beginning a Btec business studies course. Whilst living in a bedsit in the former Saxon King public house she met her future husband, Rob Almond. Due to a change in regulations Lisa was left with no option but to give up her studies to work full time on the YTS scheme at Maples Solicitors before taking a job at S.H.D.C, offices, helping to implement the new community charge.

Lisa married Rob on 27th May 1989 at Spalding Registry Office. In 1992 she gave birth to still-born twin boys (Alexander & Elliott) at 24 weeks at her home in Surfleet. A beautiful, healthy girl (Karys) was born in 1993 followed by a miscarriage at the beginning of 1994 (Jamie – 12 weeks) and finally a strong healthy boy (Phoenix) in December 1994.

Lisa went on to work at Geest for 3 years, first as a transport clerk then as a production planner. In 2000 she began work for Frontline: 3 years in logistics, 2 years in commercial accounts before finding her niche as an analyst, continuing for another 4 years. She enjoyed travelling and spent some memorable holidays in Rome, Thailand and France.

In January 2007, after several frustrating GP appointments, Lisa was referred to Pilgrim Hospital, eventually being diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer. She underwent surgery followed by intensive courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and despite the physical complications of surgery she lived happily tumour-free for 3 years.

In June 2009 Lisa did a parachute jump in aid of Beating Bowel Cancer raising £914.   

Following a scheduled scan in 2010, more tumours were discovered in her lungs and liver. Despite further treatment and more corrective surgery, the tumours increased and spread finally defeating her physically but never in spirit on 8th February 2012.

Lisa is survived by her 2 children, Karys(19), Phoenix (17), , sisters Rebecca, Deborah and Lavinia and her mother Dorothy Rogerson.

Lisa was an incredibly strong person, able to laugh at herself – she would help anyone if she could. A loving mother to 2 wonderful adults. For her, there was no such word as “Can’t” – she was prepared to attempt anything. Pragmatic, determined, loving, generous, brave and so incredibly proud of her beautiful children, loved and respected by her friends and family, forever remembered in our hearts.


Lady D said...

I still cry every day BB

Anonymous said...

Dear Karys and Phoenix I have only very recently discovered your mums blog. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious mum. From what i have read so far i can tell she was a special lady and such a strong person.
I have lost my close family to cancer....all except my son. Colerectal cancer seems to run in my family..what a digusting and cruel disease it is. It had no place in your mums life, she is beautiful in her photos and in her heart.
I just wanted to send you my love and to say that I lost my mum to the same cancer a long time ago. Its such a hard thing to go through both know your mum loved you and a mums love is endless and timeless.
Love sally xxx

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