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2007 Apr 13th - Torpedoes Launched

13 Apr 2007

Torpedoes launched!
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Ooo my good mate/boss came over yesterday, she was "working from home" at my house. Well she mentioned work once I think, does that count? She arrived with M&S grain selection (as I'm off lots of bad foods at least until Tyson has been evicted to starve him but feed myself) which was yummy, a pile of gossip/celeb mags from work, thickening hair serum for next lot of chemo and dry shampoo for those days when I can't be bothered with the hair washing!
Also for some bizarre reason I got a pay rise - letter in post today, very odd considering the man holding my particular fate wanted to shove me out his dept onto a temp contract after 6 years in the business, so I'd have no job and no redundancy, maybe it's delayed guilt at never once enquiring after my health or well being. Oh hang on, I'll be on half pay hahahahahaha, it won't cost them much at all!
Anyway it reminded me of funny comment made by Dr Tom. I'd told him about the poorly skin so he wanted to take a look. He'd obviously imagined that some of the pain was external and was surprised to see two sores the size of 10pence pieces - he said "that's reassuring".
Angela said, "hang on a minute, your oncologist said it was reassuring looking at your arse?" Cue fits of girly was funny at the time honest, maybe you had to be there......... In true girly gossip fashion we discussed her new "love interest" who she's seen for about two hours three times over the course of three weeks. Big belly laughs all round - so felt much better after her visit AND torpedo painkilling steroids are working!!! Still get pains but bearable ones. It's really good to forget all about cancer, drugs, treatments etc just for a few hours and just be silly and girly. I almost wanted to go out to the pub, then didn't as it would involve too much effort. By the time I'd have got myself presentable I would have been too tired and had to have a kip.
Had a tired start - awake before 9 and refused to go back to sleep. Eventually had a mad cooking frenzy whipping up some brown rice and root veg mash with cauliflower (and some to freeze), vegetable soup (to freeze), rhubarb crumble (free rhubarb courtesy Lesley's farm and garden shop) and then whipped up some turkey stirfry thingy with veg and oven chips for Karys and her BF.
Drove her BF home and realised, I've been in the kitchen for several hours, no wonder my back is hurting and I'm cream crackered!

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