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2007 Apr 25th - Seeing the Surgeon

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Still no date for surgery.........
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Well I arrived, just in time despite roadworks at 1.45. A chap came in a few minutes after me also to see Mr A. Evenutally Mr A came out and said "Lisa, I'll see you now" I like the first name thing, they still have me down as Mrs on my hospital notes which I'm clearly not any more. Mr W, the chap who arrived after me - bless him he looked a bit vague, trotted off (beating me with my old lady bones!!) to follow Mr A down the corridor and was shaking his hand in the consultation room doorway before I caught up. Uber confusion - two nurses, Mr A and I were all just staring befuddled at the poor chap before Mr A and the nurses all chipping in with "I thought I was seeing Lisa" and "Oh no it's Lisa next". I just sort of stood there feeling embarrassed........and Mr Vague toddled back to the waiting room.

So after a false start I sat down and Mr A told me he'd got the referral from Dr Tom to say my chemoradio had finished but that I'd experienced quite some "discomfort" in the radiated area (slight understatment Tom but thanks for mentioning it). He asked how things were now - still getting internal pains but not as bad as they were. The op would normally be scheduled for the end of May and (not without some reluctance as I'd happily have the operation next week if we didn't have to wait for the radiated tissues to calm down) requested a delay til after 8th June so mum is back to play Nursey/Mum/Babysitter etc. Oops and she thought she was retiring at Christmas, she's never been busier!

He sat back in his chair pondering with chin in hand, "mmm'd" and then consulted a calendar, mumbled 13th or 20th June as possible dates and said he'd confirm in writing. Grr I was hoping for the 9th . Patience NOT always my strong point. So now I'm assuming 20th but secretly hoping for 13th (the day they started to bring down the Berlin Wall in 1990).

I told him I could wait until nearer the time for the details of exactly what he's going to do to my insides (believe me I've researched on the internet and I'm pretty sure I know plus I know of all the possible complications). I have a follow up appointment on 29th May. I should also then arrange to get a practice stoma kit so I can walk around with a bag stuck to my belly and decide exactly where I want my "bum on my tum" putting. Fabbo, can't wait! Apparently they rustle.

I accidentally bought four more plants yesterday from the flower shop in the village. It would have been rude not to, they were four for a fiver!

More weeding of the drive and I dug over a small bed so it's looking more and more civilised by the day. I think one more mug of Rooibos Earl Grey and I'll get out there again. it's perfect weeding weather with a bit of a breeze and I'm sheltered from the sun on the drive mostly.

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Hello Percy Thrower!!

Great to hear you've got dates(s) for surgery. I would def wait for your mum to be has the advantages of allowing you to heal and prepare as much as poss and having your mum there when u recover (I would have been lost without mine...!) You will prob be in for about 10 days and if you're anything like me you will find it difficult to move for the first few days (kind of like an armadillo on its can only waggle your arms and legs!!)

I will also check out Dorrie's photies...!!

Still planning the trip over your way...just getting CT out of the way tomorrow but I am thinking the weekend at the end of my next chemo cycle. I will e-mail you with some suggested dates over the weekend if it's good news - hope that's okay!! And a big fat YES to the shopping trip - sounds perfect.

Must get ready for soon lovely!

K xxxooo

Posted by GlitterGirl.... on Thursday, April 26, 2007 at 08:58
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....starting to feel i should be doing more in the garden, you and Katie are putting me to shame... but aren't we s'posed to be staying away fro germy stuff? We need to do a serious dump trip and i have given Simon till next weekend as we are having a bbq next weekend. If only we all lived closer....


Posted by Deborah on Saturday, April 28, 2007 at 18:50

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