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2007 Sep 17th - Chemo Denied!

Monday, September 17, 2007

I tried to make them give me chemo, they said NO, NO, NO!

Damn, I knew this would happen at some point. Got a call at 10.14 this morning from Lisa on the chemosuite, asking me to come in for another blood test. Poo. Emergency text to my taxi driver (Becky) and dived in the shower to wash, do hair AND change bag since it's hard work to do any of those on chemo week. Collected a blood form with URGENT on it and went off to sit and wait for another blood test. We thought we may as well grab some lunch in case the bloods were good this time and we'd be there all day.

They weren't. Neutraphils were 1.3 on Friday and have dropped to a pathetic 1.1 today! Normal range between 2 and 7.5.

Heavy doses of radiation ,chemotherapy ,and many other forms of stress can reduce the numbers of neutrophils so that formerly harmless bacteria begin to proliferate. The resulting opportunistic infection can be life-threatening.

Hmpf, guessing having an infection in my arm didn't help either. Or recent stress caused by family members (thanks guys).

Stoopid chemotherapy, now that's knocked me on at least another week into November before I'm done with this, it'll probably still be Christmas before I finish 8 cycles . Oh well, it's sort of a week's holiday and maybe my taste buds will have regenerated by the time I do get more drugs. (Wish I was the cheerleader off Heroes).

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Naughty cells........................................xx

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