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2007 Mar 21st - The Treament is Working

21 Mar 2007

Rayman rocks
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Points of observation:

Tyson appears to have given up on the whiney bleeding

Having had 3 periods in 50 days I've not had one this week, or last week so erm I think the radiotherapy has killed my period.

As at any given time I simply MUST have at least one bleeding orifice my bladder has taken on this honourable task and is throwing in some pain to go with it.

I don't like hurty wee.

I'm feeling a teensy weensy bit grumpy.

I noticed that whilst putting together a bedside chest of drawers on Saturday that I was feeling bloody hot, despite wearing only a vest - reason temperature 37.4 C.

If I get a temperature of 37.5 at any two readings I get a stay in hospital - I had a very cold pint of squash AND some cranberry juice and sat down til it came down to 36 C.

I've lost 3lbs.

If I lose "too much" weight my tattoo markers will need to be redone or I'll be getting too much zapping or it'll be in the wrong place.

I'm secretly a little pleased that I lost weight without even trying even though I know this is generally not a good thing for someone with a) cancer b) on chemo and c) having radiotherapy.

My PICC arm gets really sweaty over the course of a week because the white gauze has to be literally peeled off my arm. URGH.

I'm pretty useless at doing anything other than going to hospital, sleeping, watching TV, staring at my PC or playing on my new DS Lite. I bought Rayman Raving Rabbids. It has mad raving phsyco bunnies in it - NO Karys that's not like Alfie (Alfie is our pet girl rabbit - please feel free to ask).

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