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2007 May 21st - Procrastination

Monday, May 21, 2007

Road Tax Refund
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Gosh I'm so rubbish, I've been putting off ringing the DVLA because, well it's just hassle isn't it? I applied for 12 months tax online, realised it was going to my old address so, to avoid MORE police notices bought six months at a post office "yes I know there is an overlap, no it wasn't declared SORN, yes I am sorting it out, now please just give me a disc!". All on Barclaycard - Cancer Card not acceptable online or at the post office, surprisingly.....

I applied online on 8th May and should have rung after 5 days (well I mean I've been busy haven't I and erm well I don't always feel like talking on the phone). I rang this morning, felt quite sick as I was put on hold, then got Pulp and "Disco 2000" music so that was OK. Very nice Welsh lady (duh, they're in Swansea) just took my name, house name, postcode and said she'll put a form V33? I think in the post today first class, I fill it in, send it back and they send me a cheque! Cool! It was that easy!

I can't explain why it took me so long, or why I was dreading it so much, but since I've been ill this is how things are. I need to make a Dr's appointment to get another sicknote like NOW, but I HATE talking to anyone at that surgery. I mean they never have appointments, you have to ring up at 8.30, eventually get through, only to be told there are no appointments left unless it's an emergency.

Well was it an emergency that I had diarrhoea, that I was bleeding, that I was passing mucous, felt tired, felt there was something horribly wrong? At the time I couldn't say those things made it an emergency, I didn't feel I was about to die. However, if I don't get a sicknote I might not get any salary let alone half of it, now not paying the mortgage and being homeless would be an emergency I think...........still I know I am going to have to set my alarm to wake up at 8.15 so I can get on the phone and keep hitting redial for a few days until FINALLY I get an appointment - but the chances of seeing the ONE doctor I know won't be horrid to me are quite small. I think I'll just have to in, in person and see what happens - problem there is I don't actually look ill do I?

Maybe tomorrow I'll ring the surgery............and just tell work I "forgot" my other note had run out.

Oh and then another day I might be able to face taking that stupid all in one printer scanner copier that just STOPPED working on me.......

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Come on Girly, anyone would think you'd got something to moan about! Buck up and get that printer scanner sorted - as for the Drs appt, get Dorothy on it - I fail to see why it's necessary for you to keep going in for sick notes, do they expect you to suddenly discover you've been cured in between treatment and waiting for op? I get up at 6am your time, do you want me to phone them?

Posted by Hayley on Monday, May 21, 2007 at 15:02
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You're not alone chick...I could procrastinate for England these days!! If it makes you feel better, I am owed loads of money by an insurance co but have been putting off getting the forms filled in for 5 months!! (It involves a trip to the hossie where I had my op...far too traumatic!!) Oh and I am gaily booking post-chemo hols even though I still haven't replaced my sodding passport!!

Little known side effect of cancer treatment...not giving a monkeys about anything else!!!! ;o)

lots of love L. xxx

Posted by GlitterGirl.... on Monday, May 21, 2007 at 15:54
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Lisa - i had to get new med cert this week and as I couldn't get an appointment for today the receptionist said that I didn't need to come in for it as I had enough to deal with - she wrote a note for the doctor saying new cert needed for 3 months and hey presto I just walked into surgery to collect it today and sent it recorded delivery to Benefits Agency!

Your surgery should be making things easier for you - they know what your diagnosis is and that your having major surgery very soon - you shouldn't need an appointment for sick note. Give it a try when you ring and eventually get through!

Posted by Caroline on Monday, May 21, 2007 at 23:29

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