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2007 Jun 26th - Post Op Surgeon Appt.

26 Jun 2007

Surgeon's visit
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Yesterday I had my stitches out. Nice district nurse came and donned plastic pinny, gloves and a pair of tweezers. She tackled the big loop from my belly button to above the lady bits and cut it........then tugged (I did lots of deep SLOW breathing and meditated on a spot on mum's spare room ceiling) then paused as it hurt, this went on several times as inch by inch the blue nylon came out oooo it did not feel nice. The smaller loop was easier as it was only a couple of inches long and straight. Felt quite wibbly afterwards!
I have today completed exemption form for prescriptions and nice lady Shirley at mum's surgery (temp resident again at my old surgery whilst staying at Mum's Private Hospital, hurrah) stamped it for me (she's allowed) and posted it first class.
Considering the disabled badge application now as I went to see my lovely surgeon today..........
Tyson's two kids (Beavis and Butthead) who were growing in my lymph nodes (big enough to be on scans) were still bloody there when they did the op.
Therefore I get to keep PTW for next lot of chemo which will be 4 to 6 months worth (blood checks every fortnight could mean it takes longer). Surgeon reckons I'll be well enough for reversal around March 2008.
He really is such a lovely man, he said I'd been a really good patient and it had been a pleasure to treat me. He also did me a massive favour which I can't really publicise - but all I can say is, it was entirely his decision and purely down to him being a truly lovely man. Needless to say there was some eye leakage!!!!
He asked if I had anything else to ask or say and all I could think of was THANK YOU! AND he didn't want to poke my new rectum either, just admire his sewing, which we've all complimented him on - his wife says he should be making curtains for the house and I had to agree. My scar at three weeks is mostly a very thin 1mm dark line and the neatest thing I've ever seen. He also offered to arrange some counselling for me as he's concerned and puzzled by me appearing so together and never sobbing in his office, even at diagnosis but still unable to bloody sleep longer than 2 hours at a time after 3 weeks. Yawwwwwwn. I'm considering it but again, work have a free private service I might take advantage of just to get my money's worth!
Went to see stoma nurse again to check on the bit of PTW that had separated from my tummy - it's healing nicely and she took the other three "dissolvable" stitches out that refuse to dissolve in me!
Still grounded by my mum, but being allowed out to play at my own house on Thursday but only cos I've got my boss friend Angela staying over. Family 18th party on Saturday afternoon so looking forward to that, may indulge in some watered down wine..........
Bottoms up!

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