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2007 May 30th - Bag Practice

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bag Practice
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Woke up with a splitting headache today, gawd knows why, it's not like I drink any more .

Lady from freecycle rang up about the spare kids wardrobe I have - which woke me enough to think about getting out of bed, then Umpalumpa rang the doorbell so I HAD to get up. Head still banging.

Scoffed down porridge made with oatmilk, goji berries and water (milk was nearly empty) and a herbal barley drink - feeling very virtuous but still narked about the headache.

By some fluke we managed to find a parking space (free!) opposite the entrance to the private wing, which was all new to little sis, I felt very important swanking in with my new bargain, oversized, limeylicious bag, saying "Yes darling, we private patients have our own special entrance". Fact is I'd be seeing the same man regardless, even if I didn't have freebie health insurance with work (for which I'm staying employed for as long as possible).

And then we the end for two hours as they were waiting for my notes to come back from Lincoln (where I had radiation) which left at 10am but I got to see the surgeon at 14.45! It gave us chance to have a leisurely lunch in the restaurant.

Mr A was on top form, he believes he should have no problem creating a pouch from part of my large bowel and attaching it to my rectal stump . It's sort of like a reservoir which will never replace my rectum but is better than nothing! I will still have to spend my life knowing where the toilet is and running for it.

He said in 50% of cases he can create the pouch, but even if he can't it's not always necessary.........worst thing that would happen if I couldn't cope is I'd go back for a permanent colostomy.

He also said there are a lot of risks (which I know) with the other organs and nerves to my bladder and sexual organs......lets not think about that eh? Oh but he's only ever nicked a ureter (your wee tube) once in his whole career. Then there's the risk of lung and breathing problems........not thinking about that either, not after poor old Dave (fellow sufferer, severe complications including lungs and a stroke - luckily making progress and after weeks and weeks may be coming home soon).

Also he said all my siblings DO need colonoscopies to check, despite Umpalump's doc saying she didn't (well I KNEW SHE DID) so that made us feel quite smug!

I've got a little sketch of the bits he'll be cutting out, with my sticker on (name, address, DOB etc) and the date.

Afterwards we went off with the lovely stoma care nurse for a chat in the "green room" - lovely view of a garden through patio windows - and she showed me some bags and gave me a couple to take home to play with, I mean practice with. I'm to put something like watery porridge in one and see what it's like having a full one.......and see if the position is right where she marked it for now.

I've got the DVD to watch and have had the odd request for a pyjama party to view en masse.........but I think I'll keep it to myself and family! The bags are next to me so I'll just take a pic for you........

The rounded bit is sticky and called a FLANGE and I'll change it every other day, but empty it A LOT through the bottom which is all rollupable and seals with velcro. The bags have a soft skin coloured cover with a peephole flap so they can look at the colour of my "output". Filters are inside the bags to reduce odour. Genius bit of kit really

Anyway I felt much better having another wander around the building, though I'll be in High Dependency for a couple of days, it'll be my home for a week or so.

I go back next week for my pre op blood pressure checks and stuff and then in on the following Tuesday for picolax - to clean up me insides as it were.

Popped into Matalan for some cheapo nighties and then Asda to stock up on heavy stuff like dishwasher salt, cat litter (for the rabbit), loo cleaning stuff etc and some fruit and veg, oh and loo roll, which if you think about it is quite funny!

Solicitors tomorrow to make my will.........but on the up side I get to see the lovely Sheena again!

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Hello lovey...still lmao @ "flange" ! Sorry, I'm a child....

Amen to knowing where the loo is at all times...I always use the disabled loo at work now cos I have to "go" so often and often can't wait for the inevitable gossiping girlies to leave the area!! The glamour...!!

The breathing stuff will prob be fine...My lungs got proper squished during was a horrible feeling of not being able to breathe properly but they taught me exercises which sorted things out in a few days...

Great news about the ileostomy/pouch thingy.....I'm sure your pretendy-bum will do the job nicely! And don't be afraid to worship at the loperamide (Diocalm!) altar!! Not sure if you've had Picolax before but I'd grab a stash of reading material, leave it in the loo, and make no plans for the foreseeable.....! ;o)

Really looking forward to meeting week!!! K xoxoxo

Posted by GlitterGirl.... on Tuesday, May 29, 2007 at 23:06

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