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2007 Jan 29th - DIY & Hairloss

Monday, January 29, 2007

Mum, will you lose your hair?
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Well another weekend has been and gone, but now I am proud of owner of one (slightly dodgy drawer which is out of use until runners replaced) sideboard which matches my new coffee table (perfect drawer in that one) AND a nice clean laminate floor in my utility/sunroom. Thanks to the stunt driver off of Thomas the Tank ("ooo me knees hurt", shut up Mike you're nearly done).

I had a really painful left shoulder a week or two ago, which eventually wore off, but it appeared in my right shoulder on Saturday. I was NOT impressed. It got worse and worse until I gave in and necked some ibuprofen and erm medicinal Metaxa. Well that did the trick and I was asleep by 10pm - woke up this morning feeling absolutely rubbish. Felt a bit better whilst in the shower but just sat on the bed staring at the mirror willing my wet hair to dry and arrange itself into a becoming manner. It didn't. Thought about crying but as I could see myself in the mirror stopped it pretty smartish, god why do people look so yukky when they cry? Texted in sick (modern technology eh?) and went back to bed and slept for another four hours. Crikey if chemo makes you tired will I ever be awake?

Speaking of which, my lovely little boy (I say little he's 12 and taller than his grandma) got a bit upset on Saturday night, we went off for a bit of a chat on the stairs and he said he's worried about me, the operation etc. We just had a very long cuddle and I told him that I've had an operation before and that was fine, plus lots of people have this sort of cancer like Sharon Osbourne (well she's the only one he'll know of) and she had the same treatment and an operation and she's fine now. I'm going to be the new Sharon! Or not.........

Then he asked if I was going to lose my hair like the girl on Emmerdale (the one who died I might add - gulp). Not likely sweetie - it's actually very rare to lose your hair these days. It might thin out a lot so I might have it cut shorter if it gets too bad.

This is the hardest thing, I can tell adults I've got advanced bowel cancer and there is an unspoken understanding that there are no guarantees with cancer just steps that hopefully lead to an all clear in five years time, with luck without any recurrences. With your own child you have to be positive AND realistic
AND reassuring all at the same time, without telling them half truths. I miss him while he's with his dad most of the time because he does seem to understand and he helps in little ways that show he knows. My daughter on the other hand is locked away in a world of music, msn and her boyfriend. I don't fit in, particularly as I have an embarrasing disease which she doesn't want to hear or talk about. Every day she sees me appearing bad-tempered in the morning (it's the pain and the tiredness of dragging myself to work to keep my full pay as long as possible). Every day she sees a mum who's not doing mum things - she makes her own lunches and sometimes gets nagged into emptying the dishwasher or washing machine. Typical 14 year old I hope?

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janey jane jane

Yes typical teenager! Take care of yourself and don't do too much. Or if you need to do too much get the stunt man in! xx

Posted by janey jane jane on Tuesday, January 30, 2007 at 07:47

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