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2007 Oct 29th - It's My Birthday & I'll Cry If I Want To!

Monday, October 29, 2007

It’s not my birthday any more so I am upholding my right to be in a VERY BAD MOOD.

I resent looking "really well" on any occasion these days for the simple fact I usually feel SHITE, GRUMPY, SICK, FED UP, LONELY etc.
However these emotions and feelings fail to emblazon themselves upon my forehead for all to see. I'm thinking of getting a head band a la geordie le forge off Star Trek but above my eyes which flashes LED messages depending on my mood....I've seen t-shirts that do the same but you have to launder clothes and I really can't be bovvered. I have a heap of beautifully ironed laundry courtesy of the whirlwind that is my little sis, don't want to add to the unironed pile this soon.

My back and ribs are horrid today I can't be bothered to get out of bed and clear the devastation that is the afterparty in my kitchen.........I'm sure Skittles is scavenging for cake crumbs and Thorntons chocolate slivers as I write........oh well, I have anti bacterial (eco friendly of course).

The school just rang, apparently Karys keeps forgetting to pay back some money she borrowed when she forgot her lunch one day.......can I reimburse them ASAP. I thought oh dear has she run up the national debt.....nope it's £1.75.....

Also she called her KErys, and when I corrected her on the pronunciation of my OWN daughter's name she said "Yes, that's right" I BLOODY NAMED HER THANKS I KNOW HOW TO PRONOUNCE MY DAUGHTER'S NAME YOU IDIOT. She was a right moody mare and I said yes of course I'll send the money but not today as I'm ill in bed "well so long as we get it ASAP now you are aware of the 'situation'". Yes of course, I'll put it right at the top of my TO DO list!

I still have to face the slapped arse witches at the surgery - that's a little cruel, but at least one of the fits that description..........I need a sick note and a MED 4 form.
Oh joy I get to sit with a bunch of ill people again whilst seething inside at having to be in the building at all.

I could go on, but actually I just want to lie in bed and play poker with a bunch of strangers. See ya!

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Hi, Lisa - I know how you feel - been in bed all day hooked up to a VAC machine. I'm now fofcing myself to go to the pub!!!

Pete X

Posted by Peter on Monday, October 29, 2007 at 23:12
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Lisa Left Eye Loopylalalalala'll end up in casualty playing with the hoover.........

Hope you had one for me!

Posted by Lisa Left Eye Loopylalalalala on Monday, October 29, 2007 at 23:16
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Goodness me, just think how many packs of Thai flavour nodles we could have bought for one pound bloody seventy five!!!!!!!


Posted by Umpalumpa on Monday, October 29, 2007 at 23:13
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Lisa Left Eye Loopylalalalala

I know! We could feed eleven people and STILL have change FFS!

Posted by Lisa Left Eye Loopylalalalala on Monday, October 29, 2007 at 23:18
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Bad Fish

I have a neighbour who insists on telling me how well I look every time he sees me (if I see him first he doesn't see me, if you catch my drift). Well, I don't think I look well. I look like the eggman. I'm fat, now have a big round face with red cheeks, and I have piggy eyes. And I'm balding and keep falling over. How well is that?

Last week I met someone who said 'I wouldn't have known you were ill if I hadn't been told' and all you want to do is say 'I wasn't always ugly, you know'. Do they think I have this haircut through choice?

Right, I'm off to sweat in bed and wonder if my feet are numb because of oxy or cold...

Posted by Bad Fish on Monday, October 29, 2007 at 23:14
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Lisa Left Eye Loopylalalalala

I do, dear I have met the type. You have always been beautiful my dear and if it's hiding in an eggshell then it's just being protected, ready to come out again in the new year.

Try saying "I wasn't always ugly", see what they say, I get bored protecting everyone else's feelings when they keep hurting mine. Two nurses looked disgustedly at my interior decor and I feel obliged to point out to anyone who so much as glances through my window that this house was a repossession and THIS IS NOT MY CARPET. Also I'VE BEEN ILL AND COULDN'T DECORATE.

No wonder they don't come to give my injections any more especially after Skittles tried to climb the nurses leg whilst mid jab once hahahahah.

I am now also sweating in bed..........

Posted by Lisa Left Eye Loopylalalalala on Monday, October 29, 2007 at 23:28
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Bad Fish

I was feeding my neighbours' 11 month old cat and 4 month old kittens last week, and much as I loved them (so cute) I was a bit worried they might try a spot of leg scrambling. Luckily not - and my cat sat outside their kitchen door and howled every time I went in there.

Tell them it's the retro look. That's all 60 minute makover seem to do (oops! My guilty secret is out now!)

Posted by Bad Fish on Monday, November 05, 2007 at 22:38

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