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2007 Feb 27th - New Sofa

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tum te Tum
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Hmm, well not much to report this week really, after last weeks journey round the county visiting the local chemo/radiotherapy services I can report that the staff are all really lovely but that travelling and waiting wears me out like nothing else, or is it the chemo? Doh! Had a grim day on Thursday - think that was partly anticlimax since I had a) no company and b) no appointments c) no decent weather to cheer me up. Felt sorry for myself in the morning because I couldn't get an apointment with anyone but Dr Kiss of Death so I refused and cried a lot. Felt very childish afterwards and realised I should have just gone with my mum instead - I only needed a sicknote after all! Friday - only appointments for emergencies . Saturday - no shopping today, had to curl up on mum's sofa with a couple of blankets for a snooze while they went off to get a vat full of aqueos cream to nurse my future radiation burns
<<<<---- how my bum will feel in a few weeks. Clever mum used her "pensioner's" pmsl discount and got it for a bargain price even though buying bulk was pretty cheap. It's actually quite nice to use as handcream too, wonder if it works on wrinkles........ Speaking of wrinkles I had my new chemo pack connected today - my arm was all wrinkled after taking the old dressing off - Hylda says those wrinkles will go, but no the ones on my face will stay , damn. If you ever do find yourself reading this "hello Hylda, see you in the summer for my REAL chemo not this namby pamby half mg an hour stuff ".

My mate finally managed to get me an appointment with lovely Dr L on Monday - he's just great but I managed not to cry - he also offered me some extra help sorting some other problems out if I want to (won't go into those it's women's things) that I'd not thought possible, he'll need to talk to Onco Dr Tom though to check it out. He asked if I'd mind him ringing to check how things are - of course I don't mind!!!! BTW I don't have delusions of falling in love with any of the medical staff - it's just a bit of fun.

Oh yeah and Karys only decided at 10pm (in tears) that she's thrown her purse with bus pass - the one I had to beg and grovel and use my cancer card to pay for - right in the middle of a two part drama on the telly. rubber gloves out, wheelie bin dragged over to the outside light and "COMMENCE RUMMAGE THROUGH RUBBISH!" sign of it. Once all the rubbish was back in the bin, she realised it might be in the car. It was.

Grrrrrrrr. Still I got to sprawl out on my lovely new sofa............ahhh the sofa - it arrived shortly after mum with two men (mum was on her own the sofa came with two men, then the men left ). Little sis and mum did the furniture shifting (erm I've got a long tube stuck in my arm and I'm not allowed to lift more than four pints of milk or summat honest), while I sort of "watched" and offered words of encouragement "to you, to me". Shall I post a photo? I'll try and remember to stick one in here later on, need to take one first. I took some pics of my PICC too, well with dressing but it's quite impressive, will post those too, look in pics in the next day or so if they don't appear in this blog.

Start radiotherapy on Tuesday after seeing the lovely Dr Tom and finish after Easter. My new routine will consist of wake up, go to the loo (with chemo pump) go to bathroom for a shower (put bathguard over right arm and hang chemo pump over rail). Then back to bedroom to find loose trousers/skirt and t-shirt type top (and very nice newish matching underwear of course) to thread chemo pump through which can easily be removed for bottom burning.

At the weekends I'll just wear a ball gown or something totally impractical just COS I CAN. And maybe I'll buy myself some more Doc Martens like wot I used to 'ave back in the 80s - god Lily Allen think's she invented skirts and trainers, but I was way ahead of her!

No side effects to report - apart from extra tiredness and "transient sleepiness" - the cold must just be lack of movement and feeling rough with the inflamed arm thing, since it's not a 5FU side effect - it was worse at the start of the week and whenever I am really tired or feeling low, if I'm OK and up and about I feel a lot better, just tire quicker, swings and roundabouts eh?

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Oh my god these teenage girls never cease to amaze me

Shame my feet are so small - you could borrow my Pink Timberland boots lol - think they would look quite fetching with a ballgown!

Posted by Umpalumpa on Wednesday, February 28, 2007 at 09:37
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Billy Bollockchops

Dr Tom and Lisa sitting in a tree
Kay Eye Ess Ess Eye En Gee

Posted by Billy Bollockchops on Thursday, March 01, 2007 at 10:15

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