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2007 June 4th - Major Lifesaving Surgery

Monday, June 04, 2007

Surgery updates/progress bulletins........
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As you will now know, unless you've been a tardy reader of my blog, I will be having my op on Wednesday 6th June. I'll be admitted at 10am on Tuesday morning for pre op tests just to make sure I'm fit enough for the whole procedure so am unlikely to be able to post after Monday evening.

My special little sister Beckie (Umpalumpa) will post a reply to this very blog on Wednesday evening at some point just so you'll know I'm back in the land of the living, albeit drugged up to the eyes with the best pain relief money can buy - I believe an epidural is thrown in and I never had one of those for the three times I went into labour so that's gotta be a bonus eh?

I've done a bit of visiting friends at the last minute so sorry if I didn't get round to you but seriously my head is all over the place right now.

Alfie is safely deposited chez Angela where I'm sure she'll be spoiled rotten and fattened up a treat. I had a little tear when I drove away (at Angela, not the rabbit!!) but had a word with myself and managed to see all the way home - always useful I find.

I had a nice "normal, just like old times Before Cancer" evening sat around the chimnea with Lesley, Hannah and Alex which was lovely, I was a bit hysterical I think and overly jolly and was grinning nervously most of the time.

Polished off two glasses of red wine when I got home - which made me feel AWFUL this morning, despite the gallon of water I drank but it's the old last supper thing isn't it - I mean the tumour is going so I'm sure all these weeks of abstinence won't be undone by two glasses at this late stage.

I think I'd better head off to bed, there's a lot to be done tomorrow!

See you all soon.

Lisa xx

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See you soon sweetie, as soon as I read you're up to visitors I shall co-ordinate with Lesley and come n see you. If we can't come together I will take a wander up while kids are in school.
Don't worry(yeah right!) everything is going to be fine.
Luv ya. x

Posted by Hannah on Sunday, June 03, 2007 at 23:15
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Hey Mate,
Thinking of you and keeping everything crossed, need you to recover quickly so you can come out here and make fun of my jelly belly!

Hayley xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by Hayley on Monday, June 04, 2007 at 06:31
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janey jane jane

Hey you, take good care of yourself and get Becky to send me the hozzie address so I can post you something. God who am I going to talk to on MSN on a drunken Friday night. I had such a hangover and I'd only had 3 Jack Daniels for goodness sake. Love you lots xxx

Posted by janey jane jane on Monday, June 04, 2007 at 08:33
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The day before..............

We arrived at the hospital early, laughing like school girls because
a) after 'expertly' reversing the car into a parking spot I got Lisa's bag out of the boot and managed to trap approximately half a tree in the boot when I shut it
b) the bag itself was almost as big as me and I nearly toppled over
c) the little 'I DOG' I got for her was barking and whining all the way there

Lisa's room is lovely, with patio doors and a garden outside which will make her stay more comfortable I'm sure, along with the 'Hotel Service' (although unfortunately she won't get to appreciate the full A la Carte Menu on offer) - couldn't see a mini bar anywhere though!

A nurse came and asked her a gazillion questions, took BP etc. and after watching a little TV I left her to go to work.

I went back at tea time with Karys, by which time she had taken 2 sachets of Picolax (hope thats spelt right)

All I can report so far, is that she is (quote) 'chuffing hungry' and has had 13 explosive and watery bowel movements between the hours of 12:35 and 19:45. Not surprisingly, Lisa feels quite wobbly, only being allowed clear watery fluids today.

The Operation is at 9:00am. I am going to see her before she goes, and will let you know how she got on tomorrow evening.

Beckie x

Posted by Umpalumpa on Tuesday, June 05, 2007 at 22:26
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Day One

Sorry for the late update, but as you can imagine, it has been one of the most worrying days ever.

I arrived at Lisa's room 7.40am - early I know, but didn't want to risk not seeing her before she was taken to theatre. I was greeted by Lisa and her new friend - Dolly the Drip!! The nurses had put a 'baby octopus' in her arm which connects to Dolly!

Lisa had a pair of oooh so sexy stockings on (made to measure - we have photos, of course) and the operating gown, which I have to say has improved since I went to theatre i.e. your bum doesn't show!

8.40am I saw a hospital porter outside the room doors and my heart sank. Lisa was wheeled out the room, (and then wheeled back in as the aneasthetist needed to see her). After he left, I followed them to the operating floor, they let me stay for a while, and put her hat on/got her on the bed etc. ooh and Lisa insisted they let me look at photos of Tyson (ugly horrible nasty little B*****d grrrrr). Lisa was smiling and so, so brave but the floodgates opened (mine).. It was time for her to be wheeled away and I just found it so hard to leave her. I felt really guilty afterwards because she was so brave but I couldn't stop it. The nurse took me back and told me to get a drink before I went.

It was a long day - I went to work for 2 hours but looked at the clock probably 20 times an hour and at 2.30 I phoned but was told there was no news. At 3.15 I rang again and was told that she was out of theatre but in the recovery room as there was no space in ICU (gggggrrrrr).

I got to the hospital ICU at 5.20 (with Lisa's daughter) and we were told she was STILL in recovery and should come back in 45 minutes. So we did, only to learn that she infact got out at 2.10 and spent the best part of 4 hours in the recovery ward.

Anyway - I was just so relieved to see her. She has tubes coming out of everywhere possible, Drains/Catheter/Drips, a central line, mask on face, monitors (basically very scary stuff). They said she needs 4 units of blood, these started when we got there. She was a little sick, which was really scary for her as I know she was worried about her stomach, but she was fine and was given some anti sickness drugs, along with something to stop the itching (aparently due to the epidural)

She was looking very pale, but talked for a while and made jokes with the nurses about the catheter etc. Apparently her temperature went up to 38 while in theatre. Her Son arrived and I know Lisa was really pleased to see the children, likewise they were so happy to their mum.

I can't give any details about the operation itself as the ICU staff only keep her stable, they don't get to know much about the procedure. Hopefully we will find out more tommorrow.

As I said to Lisa, its TYSON '0' - LISA '1' (to which she replied actually its TYSON '0' - LISA '1' & PICOLAX '15'

There is still a long long way to go but she will get there, I have every bit of faith in her, and we will help her all the way.

Posted by Umpalumpa on Wednesday, June 06, 2007 at 22:22
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Day 2

Saw Lisa This afternoon, she was quite uncomfortable as you can imagine. The surgeon has been, he said he thinks he got a good clear margin, and although it is a big operation, it went straightforward.

Unfortunately her epidural was only working on one side so she was in pain today, till they sorted her out with other pain relief. She looks exhausted, not helped by the constant beepity beeps in ICU, as she can't sleep very well, just short naps really. I think she'll be glad to get to her room, for sleep catchup!

Its so upsetting watching her suffer, I want to wave a magic wand and take it all away but I cant.

Saw her again tonight and she was much, much better, they have sorted the epidural and its made her feel so much better. Mum is back (yay!) and it was very emotional.

I couldn't believe the difference in her, in just a couple of hours.

She is such a fighter..........................

Posted by Umpalumpa on Thursday, June 07, 2007 at 22:38
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Day 3

Lisa is now back in her private room. ICU decided to take ALL her lines out (including the antibiotics and fluids that were still needed) so when I first saw her tonight she was very uncomfortable. Once the painkillers they had given her started to work, she was looking much better again, I just don't see why they put her through this, she has a huge wound that needs pain relief to keep her comfortable.

On the whole she does look great though, she managed to move herself around the bed well, and has eaten JELLY AND ICE CREAM!!!!

If they just manage to control the pain relief, it will be so much better for her. Also hoping she sleeps better now she is away from the noise of ICU (although I think secretly she will miss the nurses gossiping at night hee hee)

Each day she gets stronger, she is doing so well............

Posted by Umpalumpa on Friday, June 08, 2007 at 22:41
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What can I say - She looks absolutely amazing considering she had major surgery just days ago. They removed the drain (big big ouch) and catheter this morning, so she was able to start moving about.

Mum and I arrived just before lunchtime, she got out of bed a number of times to empty her bag and was sitting in a chair when we left.

She also had friends visit today, and has started booking appointments for people to visit!! (well, she is a popular lady!)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm very proud her, I think we all are.

Posted by Umpalumpa on Saturday, June 09, 2007 at 19:31
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Lisa is still progressing really well. She looks so well considering the ordeal she has been through this week. (My fiancee Steve was amazed)

Unfortunately her bag leaked during the night which was very upsetting, but she seems to have picked herself up very well indeed.

When we left this evening, she was tucking into a Jacket Potato (minus the skin) with prawns!

Posted by Umpalumpa on Sunday, June 10, 2007 at 19:23
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Today, Lisa was very tired. She is still looking really well, but she has been through such an ordeal, the lack of sleep isn't helping really i guess.

The hospital are really pleased with her progress, and suggested possibly Wednesday/Thursday to be discharged.

Posted by Umpalumpa on Monday, June 11, 2007 at 17:36


Great news................ Lisa will be discharged on Thursday, when she will go to Mum's house, to recuperate further!

They removed her dressings today and she is looking forward to having a shower!. The swelling in her tummy goes down a little each day, and the scar is very scary and multi-coloured (to match the bruises from various lines they put in/attempted to put in) but healing well.

I can't believe its a week tomorrow since they operated. It is amazing how quickly the human body can begin to heal from something so serious.

Posted by Umpalumpa on Tuesday, June 12, 2007 at 21:20
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Lisa was really pleased to see the 'surprise' relative today.

Again, her tummy has gone down some more, she still looks very tired though bless her.

I will sign out now as Lisa's 'reporter', I know you can't wait to hear from her!

Posted by Umpalumpa on Wednesday, June 13, 2007 at 21:00
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Lisa was feeling very poorly today, she has no energy so they decided to keep her in. Her back was aching quite a bit, and she feels sick, which makes it realy hard for her to eat anything. They are monitoring her fluids in & out, and will see how she is tomorrow.

Posted by Umpalumpa on Thursday, June 14, 2007 at 20:23

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