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2007 Jan 23rd - MRI

23 Jan 2007

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Well had (for now) my last diagnostic test yesterday. Approx £600 worth. To date I think I've racked up approximately £1500 worth of private treatments and I'm sure I've not seen any bills for the consultants fees yet. Incidentally Mr A is clinical director at the hospital and I can only find good things about him. Thought I should have a look at his credentials and I'm more than happy I'm in good hands - he's well experienced at keyhole surgeries (not suitable for me) and has done charity work abroad so he's a good sort too.

Felt rubbish on the way from work to my house where I met mum, crying most of the way, don't know why - maybe it's because it's becoming more real or maybe it's hormones.

Felt cold all day - but it is bloody cold isn't it? MRI was a bit boring to be honest, nowhere near as much fun as the CT scan. Got there, checked I wasn't wearing a pacemaker, mascara, tattoos (oh yes I am - so long as they don't get hot it's OK) undressed and laid on another tiny bed, headphones on, a weird padded thing strapped around my belly and thankfully a blanket cos I was really cold! Had to lie still for approximately 30 mins altogether, bloody difficult! That was it, back home again. K being grumpy cos she'd walked home in the cold and had hoped we'd be back soon enough to pick her up). I wanted to cry just BECAUSE so got stroppy with her - mmm very helpful NOT. Oh and Tyson hated the MRI cos he's been bleeding and giving me "frequent" stools again!

Wasn't much better this morning, K grumpy in the car, headphones on all the way to school. Cried the rest of the way to work. Then again when my boss asked how I was.

Had to go round to my old school mates tonight on way home (could have just pulled over and had a kip in the car that would have been great) to tell her the news. Feel completely wiped out and it's only bloody Tuesday!

Think K still loves me though cos she cooked the sausage burgers and herby cheese slices and made some scrupmtious mushrooms and tomatoes in sauce (exactly how I'd do them) to go with!!!!

I've started to knit a cushion cover in Sirdar "Foxy" oh yesh indeedy! Have done about 4 or 5 inches so far..........promise to post pics when finished

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