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2007 May 9th

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Road Tax......
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Well after much sleeping and ignoring my illegal car it suddenly came to me in a dreamy sort of way when I was half asleep that I'd swept a lot of paperwork into a wooden box (currently buried under washing and ironing). Eureka! MOT certificate........No logbook though. This I know I posted at the same time as my licence to change the address, they obviously never got it, hence no reminder. However I did find the duplicate logbook (I thought I'd lost it last year and blamed them saying they never posted it so got it for free, then found it oops) and managed to pay £165 for a full year's tax, THEN realised it would go to my old address. rang them in a panic, they said I had to send my logbook in (for them to lose again?) with new address and they wouldn't send a disc out for three weeks but if I need one urgently I can drive to Peterborough and queue up for hours and get one. Then I'll have to claim a refund on the other one............from my hospital bed no doubt. I don't think so, I'll take my chances! Thing is I've discovered I actually only have the temporary cover note for my insurance the real thing doesn't appear to have arrived, and believe me if I had it I would have found it by now.

Just on the phone now!

Oo a helpful lady who's putting a copy in the post having checked address details are correct and should be here tomorrow. Phew. Gawd what a drama. Also the lovely DVLA people said I need to write to Peterborough office and give my reasons for not having taxed my vehicle (errr I was waiting to find out if I had a life threatening illness, yup I have) and they would reply back. If they fine me anything but the actual back dated tax I'm taking it to EVERY single local paper and anyone who'll listen grrrr. Wouldn't mind but they have my new address with my licence so they could have cross checked and done the maths with a warning letter - I thought they were supposed to have some whizzy new computer system that knew EVERYTHING? I'm getting my bestest pen and paper out for grovelling letter now........

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Flash that cancer card for all it's worth! As far as their whizzy new computer system is concerned, I dread to think of the type of humans they have doing the input. I am available, if required, to send correspondence in support.

I dread to think how many of our foreign visitors are driving around without any tax, insurance or MOT and therefore no record. I also wonder what happens if they "catch" one of the above "visitors" on a speed camera - unless they have all the cops in the area on lookout, how the heck are they going to get in touch with them?

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