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2007 Jun 23rd - Nerve Damage

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ouch my sodding right arm..........
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I've been out of hospital for just over a week now, chez maman. Still not sleeping more than 2 hours at a time, I'm desperately tired but I'm not sure if it's all post op tiredness or lack of sleep tiredness or lack of excercise - it must be a combination of all three but I'm sure I'd feel better if I could just SLEEP.

Usually I wake at 1am, 3am, 5am, 7am and then drag myself out of bed around 9 - 10am. It's not that the bag needs emptying, I just do that once at the 3/4am wake up. Sleeping tablets in hospital didn't work, they never have done anyway.

So far I've braved the shower twice to wash my hair and for some reason best known to myself, despite the fact that this wears me out I change the bag afterwards so everything is clean - which kills my back with the effort of bending over to look at it and make sure I'm doing it right. It takes me 20-30 minutes still because of the sore skin and just because I tire so easily. Afterwards I had to have a lie down for an hour before drying off my hair. Luckily little sis came over and straightened my hair for me so I look presentable again - well as presentable as you can wearing a £3 Matalan nightie, slippers, a stoop and a grimace................

My right arm seems to have some proper nerve damage which I think is a trapped nerve, not helped I'm sure by poking of cannulas at various angles through different holes in the crook of my elbow. This is also the chemo arm with damaged vein. Certain movements like reaching for a glass send a shooting hot stabbing pain into the base of my thumb and wrist, not convinced typing is helping, but resting it didn't make it go away either!

The stitches are getting annoying now, they tickle and itch. The two external loops attached to the stitches inside (not visible, they're all hidden) will need to be cut and then pulled through - this causes a "strange" sensation (I'm thinking the sort of sensation that makes you want to vomit, plus some pain - have been advised by nurse to use breathing techniques adopted for childbirth ). Thing is the bag, knickers and clothes all catch on the damn things and then it's a bit sore. Also NONE of my normal underwear is much use, it all catches on one of the loops and a bit of the scar that went a bit gammy (proper medical term, that) or they cut off the flow of the bag which is also useless. I've done some browsing of apple-catcher style knickers - but they're just not for me so hopefully once the stitches are out, usual skimpy affairs will be suitable.

I'm eating properly now so that's Hayley is at the door must go!!!!!!

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You DO sound a bit better now which is good news. You've just been through something which is still to come for me (on August 1st if all goes to plan) and I'm heartened by your ability to stay upbeat.

The "strange sensation" when they pull out the loops is just another example of the "Estate Agent speak" which the medical profession have adopted. Why don't they just tell the truth?

I don't recommend the following site but it may have it's practical side!

Keep up the good spirits,


Posted by Peter on Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 11:37
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Ouch Lisa - still getting pain - sorry to hear that sweetie. It may be beneficial for you to ask for something a little stronger. The tiredness and sleep pattern will continue for a little while yet - I was like that for about 4 weeks post op, but eventually settled into a routine sleeping about 6 hours at night and than a couple of hours in the afternoon. Just listen to your body and go with the flow - even if your rests are just 2 hours at a time - the main thing is your resting.

About suitable underwear for your stoma - unfortunately the only briefs that work for me without restricting the bag is the full briefs! M&S do some nice cotton ones - pretty patterns/plain packs - highly recommend these. I did get a couple of pairs from Rosewhite Collection, but thought they were pretty expensive for what they were at £12 per pair! Try the fuller briefs from M&S just for a trail - no they are not glamourous but they are functional and comfy for your stoma. Honest!!

Hugs to you Lisa and take care.

Posted by Caroline on Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 12:00
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Lisa Left Eye Loopylalalalala

Hi Caz

I'll hang on in there and hope for a 3 or 4 hour stretch in a week or two then. It's not upsetting me really because I don't do much all day yet, but I can't because I'm so tired, bit chicken and egg isn't it!

I haven't been taking any pain relief for a few days now, apart from the odd paracetamol at bedtime, but even the stronger ones didn't take the pain from my arm, it's very, very annoying!

I suppose I could just wear big pants whilst I've got PTW and the bag.......... I mean I can't see me meeting Mr Right, or even another Mr Temporarily Appearing To Be OK at this point in my life. Most of my problem is being so tall even waist highs don't come up high enough on me, I've got a long body - I know this as I've treid some of mum's old ones in desperation.

The only people who see my undies these days are nurses, doctors or anyone who wants a shuftie at my scar...........oh and thanks enormously to my lady garden hair which dropped out during radiation to start growing back DURING the time I had a dressing all over it and stitches which hurt like hell when it was removed. Surgeon must have thought I'd shaved myself in advance to save them the bother in theatre ;o)

Posted by Lisa Left Eye Loopylalalalala on Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 17:08
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janey jane jane

Hey I have an Idea regarding the pants situation. Get some big pants that come up your tum Simon Cowell style, but cut the bum out into a thong. I bet they've not seen owt like that in the hospital! xxx

Posted by janey jane jane on Monday, June 25, 2007 at 18:40

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