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2007 June 28th

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sleep.........and poodle poo.
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On Tuesday night I THINK I slept four hours in a row (brandy assisted) and last night I did at least three in a row, then a few hourly dozes.

Possibly it's having the path results confirmed and knowing for sure about the chemo and timings (well still waiting for chemo start date but you know what I mean).

Had a bit of a shock just now. I've been sitting here feeling quite sore where they took a foot of my insides out and joined the bits together, hardly surprising really. Suddenly realised I HAD to go to the loo. Now this isn't a new phenomenon, I have to go once or twice a day to release liquids/mucous which is perfectly normal. Today was different. I had to run up the stairs (holding my tummy in just in case.......of what I don't know, but it's a reflex action. Mum hasn't seen me move that fast in months so was a little perturbed. I actually did a proper POO! Well I say proper, it came out of my bum (and the bag at the same time, how clever am I?) and although very thin small bits, it looked like poo, except it was grey.......I think I've turned into a poodle.

The soreness has gone so I guess that means all my new bits are working, thank you lovely surgeon! This must bode well for the future?

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Billy Bollockchops

Aww well done :-D Hopefully your recovery will keep accelerating. xxx

PS: I got ye a prezzie for being a brave wee soldier.

Posted by Billy Bollockchops on Thursday, June 28, 2007 at 12:48
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ooohhhh Lisa! I had one of those poo moments too about 3 weeks after surgery - it felt so weird and scared me "sh**less"!! It's just the last of the muck coming away - your also find your be a bit windy on occasions too!! LOL - take care.

Sleep is bliss - carry on getting plenty of rest.

Posted by Caroline on Thursday, June 28, 2007 at 19:21
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Stringy poo rocks!!! (It's skinny cos of scar tissue in your idea why yours is grey, wasn't it orange the other day?!)

Just go for it, poo the rainbow!! ;o)

Big hugs and love to Dorrie and Beckie. Have a lovely weekend. I'm spending the night with Guppy off Casualty (yummiest bloke on telly who isn't Gordon Ramsay, i.m.h.o.! ) cos I need to allow my battered credit card some whimpering time! ;o)

Katie xoxox

Posted by GlitterGirl.... on Saturday, June 30, 2007 at 17:31

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