Sunday, 27 January 2008

2008 Jan 27th - Joining the Gym

I've had a busy few days lately and that includes joining the gym. I've got sixteen months for the price of 12 and no joining fees so I figure while I've got some money, why not! I need to get out of the house and get into some sort of routine and I desperately need to get strong again. My muscles have wasted away so badly that I could only manage four minutes on the bike for the fitness test and my legs were aching and wobbly most of the afternoon and evening and I was so tired after just that and a few sit ups! Mind you I did have a rotten head cold at the time.

My lung function and BMI are fine, needless to say my muscle strength and everything else is rotten including my body fat ratio. Still, not much point going if it's all good is there! At least I'll get to see how much I've improved in a few months.

I've got a few more appointments for February now:

6th Feb - scan to check there are no new tumours (small sentence, BIG DEAL)
11th Feb - pre op checks (assuming no new tumours discovered else the op is off)
19th Feb - appointment with surgeon for a "visual" check on the joins and j-pouch
22nd Feb - surgery and a very UNtearful farewell to PTW

In the meantime I'm filling my days with gym appointments. I had to do my program plan in two sessions because of my cold - I nearly passed out after 5 minutes on a sit down bike and 5 minutes on the rower. I was just stood on the cross trainer and oooer missus I got the shakes and hot and cold sweats and had to go for a sit down. I had drunk nearly half my litre bottle of water by this point too so it wasn't dehydration.

I finished the plan off today with the trainer and went through which weight machines I can use to start with and she showed me some floor exercises to do - some with a giant ball - which will also help to strengthen my abs and legs since these are the weakest areas after lying around for the last year. I felt much better today and did a few lengths in the pool and too Phoenix with me - he persuaded me to sit in the spa which was GREAT! Never been in one before but it was lovely and warm and my hands and feet were much less "fizzy".

Despite having been out on Saturday night with Team Ferrer et al. I felt pretty good and had a very healthy salad with smoked salmon and feta cheese.

Monday I've booked in for a relaxation/toning class (all classes are included in membership) and Thursday for aquarobics in the evening and I'll do the gym on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. It's a good set up because you can book any of the classes up to five days in advance and don't have to go to the same ones at the same time or even day so less chance of getting bored or missing anything.

I've got four weeks before surgery and I want to do something constructive. This year is all going to be about getting BETTER. Last year was killing cancer, this year I'm recovering from it. Unfortunately that means returning to work but I'm hoping that will be easier if I'm fitter before I go back.

I talked to my boss on Friday to make sure that going back part time was an option (they have to try to accommodate me, it's the law) so that's all sorted. I managed to have a chat with most people I wanted to see, those who haven't left at least! I got a lovely pep talk from G***** and a hug (that was the best bit) who's had way too much cancer and death in his family already and told me back in the days before Tyson was discovered that "cancer is going to be scared sh*tless when it realises who it's up against, it'll give up". He also told me I'm the only woman he knows who has bigger balls than him...............ahem. I hope he meant metaphorically and that my bag wasn't just a bit too full!

I'm off to bed now at a reasonable hour for a change - must get up in plenty of time so I'm not late for class tomorrow.

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Carol said...

You're making me feel guilty.

So far this year my "keep fit regime" has only included THINKING about getting my bike out of the shed to pump up the tyres and give it a wash down!