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2007 May 25th - Oops I Went Shopping Again

Friday, May 25, 2007

I went to work today!
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I went to work today, but didn't do anything, other than copy some files that I'd spent months working on to cd. I know after the best part of a year off I'll have forgotten everything, how to use excel formulae. Now I thought that was an admirable thing to do, however it just gave everyone an excuse to shake their heads and roll their eyes and laugh at me . How very rude! Some of those excel files were 14mb AFTER I'd removed half the macros........I'm proud of them!

Anyway it was good, after a wobbly shaky start (as in I felt wobbly and shaky, from nerves I assume), caught up with a few people and went out to lunch with Angela - I pushed the boat out and ate normal food, i.e. to a yummy chinese, for rice noodle pad thai, with prawns. I'm allowed a stir fry once a week, admittedly I'd NEVER use that much oil, but figure I'm not going to undo all these weeks healthy eating in one meal.

I drove home feeling much perkier and singing along in the car, accidentally turned into to the outlet centre en route and accidentally bought a bag.........oops

they had it in silver too, a really light, pretty summery lovely silver, it was soooo hard to choose, but I thought this go with more stuff. It's not bright yellow, it's a limey greenish yellow. £15!! Haha, in ya face Chloes with your £895 RRP.

Oh the deck is looking good, in that it's here, the ground has been levelled, the base frame cut to size and laid out. Sadly it's a flipping bank holiday weekend so it might not get revisited until mid-end of next week. Booo hiss! All because the decking, which I waited in ALL day Wednesday for didn't arrive until Thursday morning.

More DVLA news - after flashing cancer card "metaphorically" down the phone querying where my refund application was (sent first class Tuesday, still not here on Thursday) and is there no other way I can get a refund.........yadda yadda ........on half pay........single parent.......advanced cancer............can't afford to lose £167.50..........etc. A nice Welsh lady rang me back at 7.40pm (by which time I'd nearly dozed off) and sorted it over the phone. Lets hope she remembered to credit, not debit!

New V5C arrived today too, so I think everything is now legal. At last!

Had to cancel reflexology (boo hoo) as I can't get a letter until next week from the GP to say he's OK with it.

Oh yes and about going to see the doc, for about a week I've been having quite strong pulsating pains in my kidney/side/left lower abdomen which aren't all the time, more in the evening, especially after I've had a lot to eat. Managed NOT to convince myself too much that it might have spread to my kidneys, but it didn't feel like a kidney infection - which it wasn't. He thinks, as it's on the left side and the tumour is slightly to my left and obviously in my bowel it's inflammation from the radiation so have some little green pills (prescribed for arthritis and gout usually!). I'm hoping that will stop the backache too as I'm still convinced that's inflammation/pressure caused by the tumour.

So next week it's surgeon on Tuesday, solicitor (to make will) on Wednesday, followed by Reiki in the evening. Hopefully lounging on new deck area the rest of the week and weekend. I should really get this weekend out of the way before thinking about the next, possibly meeting a friend tomorrow and then to a pub where workmate/come DJ is playing in the evening (gosh that's like what normal people do innit?)

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nice bag and nice price tag!!!
Simon got big bonus and just took me out but why is it when you have money you dont want anything! he was practically pushing me on clothes shops but i just thought, i dont need anymore clothes. he then tried to steer me to flat screen tv's, i put my foot down then!!!

I get emotional when i do things that are "normal". it's silly bit i couldnt imagine myself doing half the stuff i do 6 months (yes 6 months!!! ) ago. believe me, recovery from surgery will be quicker than you think. Of course i still get pangs and pains, but the fact i can sit up my own and fend for myself is so different to that feeble girl who was carried out of hospital and who couldn't even lift 2 ltr bottle of water


Posted by Deborah on Friday, May 25, 2007 at 20:09
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Oooh....nice bag Lisa! mentioned something about one in silver?Lol!

Hannah x

Posted by Hannah on Friday, May 25, 2007 at 20:51
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Loving the bag....! Also very excited about your decking, think I may be turning into a gardening nerd!!

Taking lairy cats to the vets in the morning. Always good sport...wrestling the little blighters into the box without losing an eye can be challenging! Best get an early night.... ;o)

Posted by GlitterGirl.... on Friday, May 25, 2007 at 22:55
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Wow - Love the bag!

Funny how the car just veers its way into outlets, our car has done that before (a few times).

Have got pressie for when I see you Tuesday (Not a highly fashionable bag though I'm afraid!)

Have a lovely time with your friends


Posted by Umpalumpa on Saturday, May 26, 2007 at 07:37

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