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2007 Apr 20th - Shoe Shopping

20 Apr 2007

Shoes, more shoes and euthanasia
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It was so sunny on Wednesday, I went shopping (duh, should have sat in the garden for free). Took my able assistant (my son) and managed to find THREE pairs of flat shoes that fit AND look pretty on my feet - in that they're not clown shoes. Total spend £25! Bargain. We had a mooch around the market and bought some veg and even more plants for the garden - it's improving the value of my property honest so technically an investment and it's the last month of full pay next month so no more treats after this!

It's "chez maman" for dinner on Wednesdays usually so before we went home I accidentally stopped off at Homebase to by a parasol base that actually fits my huge parasol, a mahoosive bag of compost and an evil dandelion type weed digger outer thingy wotsit. Didn't see handsome friendly Homebase man in the garden section, very disappointed! Mind you he may not have recognised me without my tubes and dressings and cytotoxic drugs...........

Delivered purchases safely at home then on to poke about and do a bit of weeding in mum's rockery around the pond, I say pond, it looks like another life form at the moment covered in a carpet of purest green. Seven dandelions and four thistles, plus lots of shepherd's purse (I think) removed but the headache that had been working it's way up to a crescendo all day stopped play. I think I may have been dehydrated or just been out in daylight too early in the day. No pinkness or burning, but ouch my head.

On seeing my bargain shoe purchases, Karys wanted to revisit the "we sell elephant shoes cheap" shop (obviously with MY purse) and as her feet are still growing I gave in. Result - FOUR more pairs of shoes (one for me) for £27. Now they may only be summer flatties but still, that's seven pairs for the price of about TWO from Next or New Look - neither shop selling size nines in any great quantity if at all. I've got black leather (feel like slippers), silver lace and sequins, cream satin and gold beads/embroidery and a pair of green shimmery ones with little laced bows. Karys got a pair of the green ones, a polka dot pair and a stripey pair. Get in!

Other events this week - I'm now not even wearing the "opsite - post op" dressings on my PICC scar. I had a peep on Wednesday and there was a tiny scab (green actually urgh) which appeared to be half off so I thought I'd risk letting the air to it. It's now just a little bump about 6mm across, which looks like it used to be a large spot in the crook of my arm. Nothing in the grand scheme of things, but I hope they use a different vein if I have another PICC line put in....

I'm going to get out there if the sun breaks through today and take some pics of the garden (won't mean much to you but believe me when you buy a repossessed house the garden has usually been left to become a jungle way before they moved out). Trying to decide what to do about the patchy conifer hedge, there are odd trees with 6' gaps between them - a lot of them died off so I'm not sure if I should plug the gaps with more conifers or rip up the ones that are there and have a different sort of hedge? Any comments? It must be at least 60ft and backs onto a crop field so I don't want to block out the entire view, I like the open spaces, but some form of windbreak and boundary would be nice. Oh plus I can't ACTUALLY afford it right now but like planning for the future, even if it's only in the garden.

Just a quick hello and get well soon to To-knee one of my out-laws. He's just had a knee replacement and by all accounts isn't having a great time.

It is also with mixed feelings that I say a farewell and R.I.P to Bubbles the goldfish. Karys won him at a fair about a zillion years ago despite my better judgement and warnings that "he'll die in a couple of weeks" he flourished, eating the four silver cloud fish she bought him as companions one by one. However recurring fungal infections and lack of love from a teenager seem to have taken it's toll. Suffice to say euthanasia was involved, I'm not happy about it, but the poor thing was miserable and in a mess.

Ooo I think the sun is struggling through, the conservatory/sauna is warming up a treat so a bit of a tidy up indoors methinks before lunch on the patio.

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