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2007 Octo 23rd - Sisters Take a Day Trip to Hospital

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sisters are doing it for themselves (all flippin day too!)
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Blimey O'Riley. Tootled along to the path lab at around 9ish on Monday morning for my blood test, Lisa said there was little point going on Friday because she knew they'd fail and would need retesting on Monday anyway. Becky was there for her lovely barium x-ray but I'll let her tell you about that (weird loopy colon girl) so we made a day of it, literally. I am ashamed to say I scoffed sausage, bacon, beans, mushrooms and a hash brown AND a slice of toast with tea while poor "nil by mouth" sipped on a black coffee for breakfast in the hospital canteen.

Back on the chemo suite at 10.30 where I was having my PICC dressing re done and flushed - with a syringe left attached, Lisa came out with two patient blood results, Mrs M My neutraphils were borderline so they had to do a MANUAL recount of them, but putting a blood sample on a slide and count them one by one. This took 90 minutes (well they are small..........and I don't have many left) during which time I accompanied Becky to x-ray and then back to WAIT. I love waiting, I'm getting incredibly good at reading the same magazines over and over again without whining (like many do) that it's an old copy. I took a huge stack in a few weeks ago of recent ones!

At 12pm Lisa came out to say they were JUST ok, at 1.51. If they'd been 1.49 I'd have been sent home for the fourth time. Just in time to order more tea and free sarnies from the lovely red cross lady (who we discussed pampering and massages with and compared notes with centre parks).

There was a jolly crowd in but I did get a bit teary (well hidden through years of practice) when one lady said I was so very young and it was people my age she thought it was cruellest for, that she'd lived her life and I still had mine ahead of me and now this. They were a lovely couple, her husband was a sweetie.

Eventually all the drugs had gone through and I was connected to my 13th (in total this year) pump of 5FU and off we dashed to Asda before Becky was too late taking her son to football practice. Oops.

Oh AND my Wii is here! Karys was to stay in all day and tidy her room so she can go out the rest of the wait for delivery. Despite instructions to the contrary she must have been in the shower when he arrived but luckily he left it next door. I made her fetch it before I got home on the promise I'd not still be cross by the time we got there.

I unpacked it, but still haven't played on it I'm just too poorly at the moment. My hands keep cramping and twisting up today so I put fingerless gloves on to warm them up and make it go away. Bed is where I'm staying today with Pobster's loaned laptop. I should chase Toshiba about mine being repaired but really.......I can't be bothered.. I need to see GP for a sicknote for benefits, get a MED4 form for benefits, get a flu jab, buy road tax (after the shennanigans with the police notice earlier this year I'm not forgetting again) and register on the electoral list, oh and email pics of Center Parcs to the Willow Foundation. Not to mention the ironing and washing and washing up...............bah. I might just play on the Wii later instead. Or just dream of a beach wedding with a mysterious tall dark handsome man................

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Hmmmmm Lisa -well for me it would be to dream of a beach wedding with a mysterious tall dark handsome man! You never know - some dreams do come true babes!
Take care and keep your chin up. xxx

Posted by Caroline on Wednesday, October 24, 2007 at 21:20
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Luke still got to footy training, he was just a little 'fashionably' late hehe

Now if SOMEONE happens to pinch your ironing tomorrow and deliver it back Thursday, thats one thing off the list, (and if its been pinched you can't argue about it hhmmm) I can clean on Saturday, which leaves a BIRTHDAY GIRL visit on Sunday whereby we can drink chai latte and eat yummy stuff. We could even fit a facepack and hand/foot massage in if you'd like, not up to the quality of Center Parcs, but we can pretend!!!

Whaddya Fink????


Posted by Umpalumpa on Wednesday, October 24, 2007 at 21:20
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Lisa Left Eye Loopylalalalala

OH icckle sis! You must think I'm sooo rude, I only just read this! But YES please to all of it... H is coming by sometime Sunday morning and might not have too long so I'm thinking pm for chai fest? I should just about be able to lift a mug without it hurting too much!


Posted by Lisa Left Eye Loopylalalalala on Wednesday, October 24, 2007 at 21:23
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Hiya Lisa, what a relief you're back on track, take care of yourself first too. Was going to say they won't go anywhere - but with Becs they could - what a great sis. Think I'll join you both in spirit on Sunday pm - could do with a bit of pampering myself. I'm with Caz - dream away, it doesn't cost either! Love Fi xxx

Posted by Fiona on Friday, October 26, 2007 at 16:38

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