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2007 Feb 20th - Chemo Round 1 No 1

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

All drugged with no place to go......
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Well after crying most of Friday and a bit of Saturday morning (sorry Karys for ruining your thick layers of eyeliner) I was just exhausted by Saturday afternoon, the PICC arm has been sore, very tight over my upper arm and a red patch of skin has appeared. It got worse over Sunday and having been in bed all day (really really not feeling great) I rang the hospital to check - you know in case it just fell off in the night or something! Apparently so long as my arm or hand doesn't swell up and my temp stays down I'll be OK. It's just my body saying - "Oi, what's this thing in me arm - it's name's not down, it's not coming in!" - but in it's staying! Monday I felt queasy and just "wrong" inside, I blame my hormones as well as Tyson, same again today, but then I didn't sleep much - was up at 2am making hot chocolate and eating a mince pie. Looked rough as a badger's proverbial this morning and I had only just rolled out of bed when mum arrived. Oops.

I am now lying in bed with half my lower arm covered in gauze and clear waterproof dressings holding the PICC and pump connectors safely in place - I'm on 0.5ml an hour. I know this because there is a little air filter with a purple sticker on it telling me so! Not really anything to report but I do feel as though I have slush puppy running through my veins instead of blood, most peculiar! The heating is on, but not been on long so not sure if it's normal cold or chemo cold. My pump, what shall we call the pump? Any ideas? I'm thinking Percival, Percy for short.........but I'm open to suggestions, just put your name and address and your idea on a postcard and send it to "Name that Pump" PO

Here's a thought, if this pump dispenses drugs all this time, does that make it a pharmacist? It looks like one of those round smoke detectors you get in multiple occupancy dwellings and has a coiled up tube of drugs that just get squeezed out and triggered by a connector that reacts to my body heat, how cool is that, batteries not included as they're not required.

My planning scan appointment at Lincoln arrived today - 11.30 so an early start then, since we have to find the place, I have my hospital notes in a massive brown envelope to take with me since there's no time for a courier.

Got to put my hands back under the duvet now and get some rest - hopefully I'll sleep better tonight because I might see the lovely Dr Tom S and I must look my best!

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Hi big sis,

I have a suggestion for the pump name- Lennox Lewis as he managed to beat Tyson

QUOTE: "he has now beaten every boxer he has faced during his professional career"

Hope all went well with Lincoln x

Posted by Umpalumpa on Wednesday, February 21, 2007 at 14:41

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