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2007 Oct 8th - Well Enough To Be Poisoned!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Yeay! I’m well enough to be poisoned at last. Mmm chemo...mmm GCSF!
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Well I was supposed to blog about Center Parcs but I've felt too rough to string a decent sentence together with my latest illness. Suffice to say we had a great time, very excited when we started seeing signs for Sherwood Forest and were doing little dances and punching the air (and waving to the other car). The swings were ACE, we felt obliged to send the kids off swimming for two hours "really, can we really stay for two hours mum? " whilst we tested all the park areas out. After the good news about my (fairly short lived) high of a score of 7 neutraphils I decided to ignore feeling tired and enjoy the fresh air.

We did a lot of walking, maybe a little too much but still even being physically drained I struggled to sleep, thoughts churning round in my head as usual. We all had an ensuite bathroom in each of the three bedrooms - the boys even had a spa bath! The sauna didn't get used, but the oven, hob, dishwasher and shopping the Foundation delivered did!

Friday night we all sat down for an italian, being of small appetite these days I only had a pizza and forced down an amaretto liqueur coffee, as did Bex. The kids all enjoyed their meals and it all tasted scrumptious! Saturday was facial day, soccer school for Luke and zip wire for Phin. The girls went to a cartoon workshop for a couple of hours. They all went swimming in the afternoon whilst we entertained our very special guest (who came armed with lovely presents!).

Sunday the sore throat I had hoped was dehydration all weekend proved to be my worst day, but Pilates was excellent! We both want to take it up if funds allow since it's good for core strength and is OK for me to do with the ileostomy - in fact it's very good to help avoid hernias. More soccer school, wall climbing (I have Phin's exploits on camera) and a virtual fashion session for the girls who designed their own t-shirts. I got a bit crabby with the kids because I felt so rotten, but I think I got away with it and didn't upset anyone for long? We had a carvery which wasn't that great to be honest, the veg was very undercooked and maybe it was my cold but it was a bit of a let down - still the second bottle of fizzy booze Umpa packed and the chocolate for grown ups soon made up for that hehe.

Monday was 3 steps to heaven day - back massage (and boy did everything ache and feel "glandy" by Monday) and scrub, facial, head massage. I'm not sure how I'd have driven home if I hadn't had that hour of indulgence - but when I did get home I went straight to bed and slept for two hours. Glad to be home but it was very quiet with three people missing.

Tuesday - as you know was reject from chemo due to my sore throat and germs.

Fast forward to today (lets just say retail therapy was necessary this weekend - including new bedding which is VERY pretty but also very expensive looking, yet not too girly). 11.30 appointment (oops hang on that means sis can't take me so I'm on my own with back up collection after she finishes work) and arrived only 5 minutes late. I managed to wave some eyeliner at my eyes but it didn't make them look any less red raw. Thankfully although I was still sounding a bit like a Tunes advert "secud clath rethurn thoo dothingham pleathe", my neutraphils were still holding out a 3.9, now my red cells are dropping a bit so keeping an eye on that.........I see a blood transfusion on the horizon, platelets however got a nice boost after the GCSF injections.

I sat in the corner near one of my chemo mates who was very happy (never had bad blood results EVER) being connected to his 12th and final pump. Hopefully they will no be able to operate on his metastases in his liver and maybe remove the primary bowel cancer (he's stage 4). When they left, he and his wife both gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and we wished each other well. I'm planning on making him an "I've been a good patient and finished all my nasty chemo" laminated badge tomorrow! In fact I'm going to make a few in case anyone else finishes while I'm still attending. He's going to sneak some vodka or gin in with my glucose IV on Wednesday when we go to be disconnected from our pumps - only three more to go after this one YEEHAH!

Lisa (now at last promoted to sister) gave me my blood results to fill in the gaps in my chemo record book just in case I fall down in a faint or something and a stranger finds me or summat........... I'll be doing a little chart of my results because it's been a while since I did anything like analysis (try over 6 months) and I'm getting withdrawl symptoms from being a geek.

I'm going to miss that ward. I shall be sooo happy not to need to go again (please please no recurrence needing crappy chemo ever) but they're like my cancer family in there. I rarely feel miserable in there because it's a place of hope. I still remember the tears when I finished chemo and radiation at Lincoln earlier this year - it was very emotional, not least because I knew I would never see John again. He didn't have long left, but you'd never know it to talk to him.

Anyway...I even managed a shuffle round Aldi with the aid of a trolley to get some essential lunchbox items for the kids and some handy instant food for me this week. Already the spazzy hands have shown themselves, but in no way as bad as the first three cycles on full dosage. I think the B6 is helping with that too. I ate bacon, toast, fried tomatoes and some of aunty Susan's spiced plum chutney for lunch followed by a mouth numbing tirarmisu from the fridge (yep chemo mouth freeze strikes again).

I feel very achey today, very glandy so can't really tell I'm on chemo because of the cold virus - a bonus in my eyes!

Poor sis has it too - oops.

So the diary for this week - Tuesday - Pobster cooking me dinner again or fetching a take out so we can wii to our hearts content, delivery permitting!

Wednesday - hospital for disconnection

Thursday - visit from Katy

Friday - visit from district nurse for jab 1 of GCSF

Saturday - visit from district nurse for jab 2 of GCSF

Sunday - visit from district nurse for jab 3 of GCSF

Phew thank heavens I'm incapacitated - I don't have time for work.

P S - forgot to mention there is more green stuff weeping from my PICC site so this time I got swabbed for MRSA.......I know that's what the swab was because they shoved the black covered giant q-tip up my nose on admission prior to surgery!

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Billy Bollockchops

The Center Parcs pics are brilliant!

My Wii is in the van apparently and I'm at home waiting for it. I hope it comes before I go out to meet Brek Abitochoklitov for lunch.

PS: I'm still not sure what I'm making tonight :-..

Posted by Billy Bollockchops on Wednesday, October 10, 2007 at 11:10
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*sneezes very loudly*

Cor blimey, you are a busy bee.

Would there be a slot in your diary perhaps for a yummy chai latte and grown ups chocolate with no less than 85% cocoa solids mmmmm?

Hope the chemo mouth/fingers/legs are not giving you too much grief.


*sneezes even louder*

Posted by Umpalumpa on Wednesday, October 10, 2007 at 11:10
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janey jane jane

Ask Pob where he got his Wii from. I can't get one for love nor money over here. Tar lovey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by janey jane jane on Monday, October 15, 2007 at 23:22
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Lisa Left Eye Loopylalalalala

I think you'll find it was I who solved this problem for him hahaaha! I am a total genius, he was traipsing round shops and I surfed the net. I'll message you privately because I want one and I think I know someone else we could combine postage maybe?

Posted by Lisa Left Eye Loopylalalalala on Monday, October 15, 2007 at 23:33

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