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2007 Aprl 7th - More Bleeding

07 Apr 2007

Out out damn spot..............
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Blood, all I can see is blood

I can hardly contain my dismay and despair.........I've now got a can of mousse with a giant plastic syringe to stop the internal inflammation and apparent ripping apart of my insides, aqueous cream for "intact skin" all around my pelvis and now hydrogel for the bits where my skin appears to have been melted off. And NOW another sodding PERIOD! I mean honestly! I got all excited after having one every third week instead of every four, I was 10 days late, then I have a whole week where nothing appears to be bleeding (well apart from the melted skin) and whammo it all kicks off again.

I'm supposed to be getting air to the melted skin, however it's a bit tricky when you have to practically wear a nappy to cope with all these "emissions". I might as well just get a commode and sit on that all day............

On a lighter note I started with my new "feed Lisa, starve Tyson" plan - this involves avoiding sugar, wheat, dairy, meat and processed foods mostly.

Before you all moan and groan and say "oh you should eat what you fancy if you're ill" that's all well and good but I can't be bothered to cook half the time so I've been eating rubbish and that isn't helping anything. A salad with Quinoa (complete protein that's sort of a cross between rice and seeds) for lunch, then for dinner we had salmon, steamed brocolli, roasted: carrots, parsnips, spuds and garlic for dinner and it was yummy, threw a few herbs in and some olive oil and everyone was happy. I'm making soup with some veg and the steaming water from the brocolli and will attempt to get up early enough to have porridge with soya milk. I've stocked up on supplements and vitamins to add to what I'll be eating to make sure I don't miss out on anything - plan courtesy of Mel in Oz who's a qualified nutritionist and has put it together with the evil Tyson and chemo in mind. I have said I won't be strict properly until after Easter because Umpalumpa sent an egg with the Easter Bunny and obviously that has to be eaten - rude not to. It's a sort of reversed Lent!

Urgh I suppose I should go to sleep so better go spend half an hour in the bathroom with lotions and potions.............god I hope I don't mix up the Tigi products.............

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